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The rapid growth of the industry, detailed explanation of wind power bearings

The rapid growth of the industry, detailed explanation of wind power bearings


The main features of wind power bearings

1. The use environment is harsh;

2. High maintenance cost;

3. High life expectancy is required;

Classification of wind power bearings

Bearings for wind turbines mainly include:

Yaw bearings, pitch bearings, spindle bearings, gearbox bearings, generator bearings.

Namely: pitch bearing, yaw bearing, transmission system bearing (main shaft and gearbox bearing).


Wind power bearing production process requirements

1. The forging temperature should be controlled well, and the grains should not be coarse;

2. It is necessary to control the tempering process to ensure the tempered structure of its heart, so as to ensure its mechanical properties;

3. Control of the depth of the intermediate frequency quenching hardened layer on the surface;

4. Avoid micro cracks on the surface.


Wind power bearing technology

Design and analysis: The design is still based on empirical analogy, and the study of force analysis and load spectrum is almost blank. Among the difficult technologies is the trouble-free operation of the spindle bearing for more than 13*104h, and the reliability of more than 95%; the high load capacity design for the high damage rate of the gearbox bearing, etc.

Material: Different materials and heat treatments are used for different parts of the bearings, such as improving the low temperature of 40CrMo steel for yaw and pitch bearings (ambient temperature -40℃∽-30℃, bearing working temperature around -20℃), impact energy, and other mechanics Performance heat treatment method, surface induction hardening layer depth, surface hardness, soft belt width, and surface crack control; speed increaser bearing is equivalent to the development of foreign STF, HTF steel and controls the optimal content of retained austenite The main shaft bearing is made of electro slag remelted carburizing steel ZG20Cr2Ni4A when there is still a certain gap in the quality of domestic vacuum degassed steel.

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