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In the mechanization era, bearings are widely used in various industries. Today, we will talk about the related materials of bearings.

1. The residual copper content (smelting analysis) of the steel used for bearing steel pipes should not be greater than 0.20%.

2. Oxygen content is measured on billet or steel.

3. The sulfur content (smelting analysis) of steel used for wire rods shall not be greater than 0.020%.

4. Bearing cages -HCH&CTK standard cages are made of cold rolled carbon steel, but stainless steel, nylon or phenol-resin cages can be used as required in corrosive environments, non-parallel conditions, or at high speed.

5. Bearing dust cover and bearing sealing ring -HCH&CTK dust cover to carbon steel as the standard, if necessary, can also choose AISI-300 stainless steel.HCH&CTK uses different kinds of sealing ring materials to achieve high temperature operation requirements and compatibility with grease.

6. Butadiene rubber is the standard material we use, and under high temperature operation, fluorocarbon, silicone, Teflon sealing ring is often used.

7. Bearing Lubricant -HCH&CTK bearings with dust caps and sealing rings are injected with standard grease.Different lubricants can be used as required, standard lubricants for open type.

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