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SKF has signed contracts with seven companies to accelerate the transition to green, low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing

SKF has signed contracts with seven companies to accelerate the transition to green, low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing


During this session of China international import expo, SKF and from energy, mining, oil chemical industry, metallurgy, railway, intelligent manufacturing, and other industries companies signed a cooperation agreement, further deepen cooperation and close coordination, expanding areas of cooperation, hand in hand to accelerate green low carbon, intelligent manufacturing direction to carry on the transformation and upgrading.

Six of the seven companies that signed these agreements are the continuation and upgrading of bilateral cooperation on the basis of previous cooperation. It is worth mentioning that in the previous cooperation with Sinopec, China National Energy Group, China Huaneng, China Coal Group and Shanghai Electric, both sides have made important breakthroughs and progress in business and service digitization. Also, provide "SKF for the terminal unit using the home service SKF4U" online service system, ensure quality goods at the same time, improve the timeliness and effectiveness of supply chain, and to provide more scenes, differentiated service experience, really solve customers in the supply chain, technical support services, and the pain points on the production efficiency, help customers digital transformation and upgrading.

SKF signed a letter of intent with China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in digital solutions, supply chain optimization, green and low-carbon, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the petrochemical industry. This is another important development in bilateral cooperation following the signing of the first cooperation framework Agreement.

SKF signed a strategic procurement cooperation agreement with National Energy Group to establish a strategic partnership for sustainable integrated services. Based on the practice of digital business, the two parties will carry out cooperation in the form of stock sharing and intelligent operation and maintenance, so as to provide efficient and high-quality one-stop service for end-users.

SKF signed a purchase intent agreement with China Huaneng Group Co., LTD. In renewing the agreement, SKF will not only provide Huaneng Group with high-quality products and services, guarantee supply and fidelity as always, but also expand the cooperation field from products and solutions to the field of industrial e-commerce to promote a new business cooperation model.

SKF and China national coal group co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent, relying on coal Tesco mall, the two sides will jointly explore innovative in the wisdom of the supply chain mode of cooperation, hand in hand to advance energy change and the intelligent construction, jointly cope with climate change, protect the ecological environment, the comprehensive realization "carbon neutral, carbon peak" goal.

SKF signed a purchase agreement with China First Heavy Machinery Co., LTD. SKF will provide product life cycle management services: Is mainly used for heavy-duty metallurgical equipment, to meet the reliability and accuracy of the equipment under the high-speed overloading requirement, provide expert support, personnel training, and so on Omni-directional service, at the same time based on SKF bearing, seal, lubrication products and management, artificial intelligence and status monitoring technology and experience, to jointly promote the intelligent development of the metallurgical industry.

SKF signed a purchase intention agreement with China Railway Materials Co., LTD. SKF provides safe and reliable products and excellent service to China's Iron Materials, which contributes to the high-speed development of the China railway. For the national strategy of transportation power and railway first, for the national goal of carbon peak and carbon-neutral, to provide a full range of green intelligent transportation solutions.

SKF has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Electric Group, a world-class comprehensive high-end equipment manufacturer. Cooperation between the two sides will further deepen the whole value system, through the Shanghai electric group global positioning, and abundant accumulation of project and SKF group, complete the global supply chain, research and development ability strong engineering application technology, interactive, complementary products, the market for mutual benefit in the whole value chain, enhance the overall competitiveness and brand value of both sides.

With its strengths in business and service digitization, industrial Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, SKF shares technology, and experience with partners in various industries to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of various industries, inject vitality into economic development and jointly shape the future of high-quality and sustainable development.

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