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Material Performance Characteristics Of Sliding Bearing Bearing Bush

Material Performance Characteristics Of Sliding Bearing Bearing Bush


Bearing bush material performance characteristics are mainly as follows:

1, friction reduction: the material pair has a low friction coefficient.

2, wear resistance: the wear resistance of the material, usually expressed in terms of wear rate.

3, bite resistance (adhesive): the heat resistance and anti-adhesion of the material.

4. Friction compliance: the ability of the material to compensate for the poor initial fit of the sliding surface of the bearing through the elastoplastic deformation of the surface.

5, embeddedness: the material accommodates hard particles embedded, thus reducing the performance of scratching or abrasive wear on the sliding surface of the bearing.

6, running-in: bearing bush and journal surface after a short period of light load operation, the formation of the surface of each other

The ability (or quality) of shape and roughness.

7, in addition, there should be enough strength and corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, technology and economy.

Plain bearing bearing bush material type:

Commonly used bearing materials are: metallic materials, non-metallic materials and powder metallurgy materials

Bearing metal materials generally use bearing alloy (Babbitt alloy, white alloy) is composed of tin, lead, antimony, copper and other alloys;Copper alloy, which is mainly divided into bronze and brass two categories;Cast iron has common gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, etc.

Bearing non-metallic materials have plastic, hardwood, rubber, among them plastic with the most

Bearing powder metallurgy material is made of copper, iron, graphite and other powders by pressing and sintering into porous bearing material.

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