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How to check the sealing degree of rolling bearings and the problems that should be noticed

How to check the sealing degree of rolling bearings and the problems that should be noticed


The role of the bearing should be supported, that is, literally applied to the bearing, but this is only part of its role.The nature of support is the ability to withstand radial loads.It can also be understood as being used to fix axes.Fast and easy to use automatic selection of bearings has been included. The fixed shaft makes it rotate only and controls its axial and radial motion.Without bearings, the motor won't work.Since the shaft can move in any direction, the motor only requires the shaft to rotate.In theory, to achieve the effect of transmission is impossible, is not only the bearing may also affect transmission, in order to reduce the impact on the high-speed bearing, must implement the good lubrication, itself has some bearing lubrication, called pre lubricated bearing, most bearing must be lubricating oil, this not only increases the energy consumption, but also in the process of high speed bearing damage.The idea of turning sliding friction into rolling friction is one-sided, because there's something called sliding bearings.

In general, the rolling bearing that fits closely with the interference fit must be on the shoulder.

Inspection method:

(1) light method.When the lamp is on time with bearings and shoulders, see light leakage.If the light leakage is not bright, the installation is correct, if there is even light leakage around the shoulder, it means that the bearing is not in close contact with the shaft, and the bearing is pressed on the bearing;If there is light leakage, it indicates that the bearing installation is inclined, the bearing inner ring can be hit by hand hammer, copper bar or sleeve, and it is slow forward.

(2) test method for thick and thin gauge.The thickness of the table shall start from 0.03mm.During inspection, in several places such as bearing inner ring surface and shoulder full circle test, clearance and very uniform are found, indicating that the bearing is not installed in place, bearing inner ring pressure should make it close to the shaft shoulder;If the increased pressure is not tight, indicating that the journal rounded Angle is too large, the bearing is stuck, should trim the journal rounded Angle, make it smaller;If the thickness and thickness of the inner ring end face and bearing shoulder are found to be passable, they must be removed, trimmed and reinstalled.

If the bearing is installed in the interference matching shell hole and the bearing outer ring is fixed by the shell hole, then the outer ring and shell hole shoulder surface are fastened. If the installation is correct, thick and thin gauges can be used to check whether the outer ring end surface is close to the shell hole shoulder surface.

Check the thrust bearing after installation

Check the perpendicularity of shaft ring and shaft centerline when installing thrust bearing.The method is to fix the micrometer on the end face of the chassis, so that the contact top of the workbench rotates the bearing on the top of the raceway of the bearing ring, and observe the pointer of the micrometer.If the pointer is tilted, the ring and centerline are not perpendicular.When the casing hole is very deep, an extended micrometer head can also be used for inspection.

When the thrust bearings are installed correctly, the seat ring automatically ADAPTS to the rolling body and ensures that the rolling body is on the upper and lower ring raceway.If the assembly is inverted, not only the bearing will not work properly, but also the mating surface will suffer severe wear and tear.Since the shaft ring and seat ring are not distinct, the assembly should be very careful to avoid errors.In addition, there shall be a gap of 0.2 to 0.5 mm between the seat ring and the bearing seat hole of the thrust bearing to compensate for the errors caused by the machining and installation of the parts.When the bearing ring center is offset during operation, the clearance can be automatically adjusted to avoid contact with friction and ensure the normal operation of the bearing ring.Otherwise it will cause serious damage to the bearing.

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