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What is full load roller bearing

What is full load roller bearing


Full cylindrical roller bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads.In the same width, compared with the traditional bearing, bearing bearing capacity is high, radial section is small, save space, but the speed is relatively low.In order for the bearing to work normally, in the case of continuous operation, the bearing must bear a certain minimum load, that is, C/P_LTD~(25).Otherwise, wear increases due to insufficient lubrication and high speed operation. All multi-row cylindrical roller bearings have lubrication grooves and holes in the outer ring.

Full roller bearing type


NNF.ADA2LSV/SL 04 double row full cylindrical roller bearings by the clamping ring connected by the two inner rings are not separated, the outer ring can withstand two-way axial load of the outer ring, and used as positioning bearings.Since the distance between the two rows of rollers is large, it can also withstand the turning moment.The outer ring surface is provided with two stop slots for axial positioning.Contact seals are provided on both sides of the bearing, lithium grease, operating temperature is limited to -40°C to +80° c. under certain conditions, the bearing does not require maintenance, but must be relubricated when it is operating in water vapor or contaminants, and usually operates at medium to high speed.In case of oil lubrication, the sealing ring must be removed and the grease in the bearing cleaned.When lubricating oil is used, the transfer rate increases by 30%.


NNC/SL 01 series full cylindrical roller bearings, non-sealed bearings, outer ring for the integral split, by the connection of the locking plate fixed together, so the outer ring can not bear the axial load, the split outer ring and one side is exactly the same, each side can not bear the axial load, the outer ring is exactly the same.The outer rings are the same, each with a side, and axial positioning can be done in both directions.The inner ring has three sides.The outer ring has oil groove and three lubrication holes. Such bearings are usually oil lubricated.


NNCL/SL 02 series full cylindrical roller bearing, no sealing bearing, no flange in outer ring, with oil groove and three lubrication holes.The inner ring has three sides.The outer ring center is provided with a fixed ring between two rows of rollers to prevent the rollers from falling off and keep the bearings as one.This series of bearings allows a certain axial displacement between the shaft and the housing.Because it can be used as a floating bearing.


NCF.V/SL 18 fully mounted cylindrical roller bearing with single outer ring and lock ring on the unshielded side, allowing one-way shaft positioning.The axial clearance "S" in the bearing ensures the axial orientation of the shaft relative to the bearing box.

NJ. V/SL19

Nj. V/SL 19 fully loaded cylindrical roller bearing is used for extremely heavy load and low speed, with self-locking roller group, even if the inner ring is removed, the rollers will not be scattered, so the bearing is easy to install and disassemble, can withstand one-way axial load, one-way positioning.

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