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Thrust roller bearing

Thrust roller bearing


Thrust roller bearings are used to bear combined axial and radial loads mainly, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load.Compared with other thrust roller bearings,

This kind of bearing has low friction factor, high speed, and has the function of adjusting center.Type 29000 bearing sticks are asymmetric spherical rollers, which can reduce rollers and raceway in operation

The relative sliding, and the roller length, diameter is large, the number of rollers, high load capacity, usually using oil lubrication, grease lubrication is available in some low speed cases.In the design selection, should

Preferential selection;Type 80000 thrust cylindrical roller bearing, type 90000 thrust tapered roller bearing and Type AXK thrust needle roller bearing can withstand unidirectional axial load, it

The axial load capacity of thrust ball bearing is much larger than that of thrust ball bearing.Thrust cylindrical roller bearing and thrust needle roller bearing are suitable for low speed applications

The speed of thrust tapered roller bearing is slightly higher than that of thrust cylindrical roller bearing.

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