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Plastic Bearing

Plastic Bearing


                                   Basic information editing
Plastic sliding bearing in general face all have self-lubricating function;Plastic sliding bearing are generally USES the engineering plastic with good performance comparison;More professional manufacturers generally have self-lubricating engineering plastics modification technology, through the fibers, special lubricants, glass beads and so on to self-lubrication engineering plastics modification to enhance performance, and then use modified plastics by injection molding processing into self-lubricating plastic bearings.

The strongest commonality plastic sliding bearing

High speed comply with FDA plastic sliding bearing
Plastic sliding bearing has the following features:
1, the overall plastic bearings are lubricating material, long service life.
2, plastic bearings use will not happen in phenomenon of rust and corrosion resistance, and metal type of bearing is easy to rust cannot be applied to chemical liquid;
3, plastic lighter than metal bearing quality, it is more suitable for modern lightweight design trend;
4, plastic bearing manufacturing cost is relatively lower metals;Plastic bearings is the injection molding processing and become more suitable for mass production;
5, plastic bearings in operation without any noise, has a certain vibration absorption function;
6, plastic sliding bearing is suitable for high and low temperature working - 200 ~ + 250 degrees;
Plastic sliding bearing not only can be made into the shape of the shaft sleeve, also can make plastic linear sliding bearings, but the premise is made of the material must pass a modified to improve its self-lubricating composite wear-resisting performance;Such as material common plastic linear bearing is in the market after a lubricant and enhance fiber modified engineering plastics, the wear-resisting performance is very good.

Wear resistant plastic sliding bearing
Due to plastic sliding bearing is metal sliding bearing has many advantages, the production of plastic bearing is expanding increasingly, the use of plastic bearing situation is outspread, from fitness equipment to the office equipment and automobile industry, and so on all use plastic bearings, run on the roads of the car was not to use plastic bearings.
POM plastic bearings, PP plastic bearings
POM and PA material with good mechanical strength and wear resistance, suitable for making more precise plastic bearings, working temperature from 100 ℃ to 60 ℃ ~, high strength and smooth surface, basically there will be no tension, its good self-lubricating properties and low friction coefficient, on the basis of traditional advantage in keeping the plastic bearing, can be applied to precision and high speed running.Of POM plastic bearings are all plastic bearings in one of the most widely used, both inside and outside the ball material commonly use POM or PA, cage using glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25).Ball for the glass ball, stainless steel or ceramic ball, the bearings alkaline environment well, but is not suitable for running in acidic corrosion environment.

1. Large rigidity, high hardness, even at low temperature, high impact strength;
2. Excellent elasticity, creep resistant performance is good;
3. The high thermal stability and good dimension stability;
4. Sliding performance is good, wear-resisting;
5. Physiological inertia, suitable for contact with food.
6. Not resistant to strong acid and strong oxidizer, poor cementation paint
Main application:

Electrical and mechanical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decorating materials

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HDPE, PP, UPE materials have shown can be used to relatively weak alkali cross environment (30% Cucl2 solution and 30% NaoH solution test OK) is suitable for most acid/alkali/salt/solvent/oil/gas and sea water corrosion environment.Possess general plastic bearing oilless self-lubrication, magnetoelectricity insulation resistance, but low mechanical strength, easy to deformation, so this kind of acid and alkali resistant plastic bearings do not apply to the larger load and high speed, in order to overcome this kind of acid and alkali resistant plastic bearing faults.Comparison, using UPE material has better strength, low friction and low temperature application features (lowest to - 150 ℃), the general internal and external ring material is HDPE, PP, or UPE, cage material adopts HDPE, PP or UPE, ball for ball, stainless steel or ceramic ball.The acid and alkali resistant bearing comprehensive performance will be improved greatly.

1. Good corrosion resistance, in a certain temperature and the concentration range can all kinds of corrosive medium and organic media
2. High mechanical strength, can cut in liquid nitrogen temperature (196 ℃) maintain high toughness
3. Good self-lubrication, high wear resistance
4. The ability to resist adhesion is strong
5. Low water imbibition, excellent electrical insulation
6. Good high-energy radiation resistance
Main application:
Electrical and mechanical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decorating materials
PTFE high-temperature corrosion resistant plastic bearings
As a new engineering plastics materials, PTFE and PI was proved to be all known mechanical strength in engineering plastics dimension stability and high temperature resistant performance is good

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PTFE, long-term use of temperature of 260 ℃, PI long-term use temperature is as high as 300 ℃, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, the moderate intensity of acid and alkali corrosion environment can still function properly, so generally used to make need outer ring PTFE material selection or PI, ball is commonly Zro2 or Si3N4 ceramic ball.Precision of bearing in the harsh environment, its defect is more expensive because of material itself, so the cost is higher

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Development prospect of editing
The status quo
Plastic bearings abroad has developed very fast, application range is wide.The plastic bearings in our country is still in its infancy, in the production of raw materials, product applications are lacking.According to incomplete statistics, in the past five years, the domestic general polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polyamide, thermoplastic resin, modified polyphenyl ether and so on five big engineering plastics and market demand has remained 30.3% of high-speed growth, the plastic bearings with engineering plastics in China is mainly dependent on imports.
In recent years, engineering plastic products with its superior performance won more and more widely used.Engineering plastics has broad application prospects in the bearings, plastic bearings are welcomed by more and more users.
Since engineering plastics with excellent lubricity, wear resistance, low friction and special characteristics such as resistance to bite, even in the case of bad lubrication condition can work normally, so its used as a bearing material is very ideal.

So about the plastic companies, seize market opportunities, develop related plastic bearing products, its market prospect is very huge.

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