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High speed bearing grease

High speed bearing grease


The high-speed bearing we talked about mainly refers to the bearing whose DN value is greater than or equal to 1,000,000 (where D: bearing diameter, N: bearing speed).

As the speed of high-speed bearings is relatively high, mining is more demanding, so the adhesion of grease and working life, working temperature has higher requirements.

The development of high speed grease in China is close to zero. The main industries of high speed bearing grease are electronics, machine tool manufacturing, textile and chemical fiber industry, etc.Because there is no related domestic products before, so, such as spindle lubrication, domestic generally adopt the method of thin oil lubrication before, although from the products unit price cost is lower than abroad use the grease, but due to supporting the use of tanks and other auxiliary equipment, there will be the problem such as oil leakage, so the comprehensive cost is not less than the use of grease.

And other industries, the current use of grease is basically imported directly from abroad.

In foreign countries, the main use of high - speed bearing grease lubrication.The advantage of using grease is that the structure of the equipment is more reasonable, the maintenance of the equipment is simple and convenient, and the comprehensive cost is lower.With the increasing number of domestic imported equipment, the consumption of domestic high-speed bearing grease is increasing day by day.And in the machine tool manufacturing industry, such as little giant, yida riping group, instek are using grease lubrication machine tool spindle.

The high speed bearing grease used in the market is mainly based on compound barium and compound lithium.The most used products are ISOFLEX NBU15 and ISOFLEX LDS 18 SPECIAL A from KLUBER, Germany, which are barium composite and lithium composite, respectively.

The performance of these products is very excellent, among which the DN value of the latter is up to 1200,000. However, due to the direct import from abroad, the price of these products is relatively expensive, so their range of use is limited.

After a long time of research and development, yitian runshi Beijing chemical co., ltd. has successfully produced a high speed bearing grease RUBIA HTS high temperature high speed grease, this product is made of compound barium based thickener, the thickening special synthesis is blended.

From the point of view of product performance, after the actual use of many customers, the use effect is not inferior to NBU15, and even far better than NBU15 in the mine temperature, because the former operating temperature is -50 -- 180℃, and NBU15 operating temperature is -40 -- 130℃.But in terms of price, the former is only 50-60% of the latter, and the economics are obvious.

With the development of domestic basic industry and the continuous improvement of industrial technology and equipment, the market of high-speed grease will become larger and larger. We hope to contribute to the development of domestic economy with our products!

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