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Benefits of regular maintenance of bearings

Benefits of regular maintenance of bearings


1. Maintenance of the bearing: in order to maintain the original performance of the bearing in a good condition for as long as possible, maintenance and maintenance should be carried out in order to prevent accidents, ensure reliable operation, improve consumption and economy.

Take care of the best corresponding mechanical operating conditions of the operation, regular stop.The contents include monitoring operation status, supplement or change of smoothing agent, periodic disassembly inspection.Maintenance items in operation, bearing rotation, vibration, temperature, smooth agent, and so on.

2. Maintenance of bearing: Cleaning of bearing: When removing the bearing for maintenance, the appearance of the bearing shall be recorded first, the residual amount of smoothing agent shall be confirmed, and the bearing shall be washed after the smoothing agent used for sampling inspection.As a cleaning agent, ordinary use of gasoline, kerosene.

Clean the disassembled bearings, divide the coarse cleaning and fine cleaning, respectively, put them in the container, first put the metal mesh bottom, so that the bearings do not directly contact with the container dirty.Rough cleaning, if the bearing with dirty rotating, will damage the bearing rolling surface, should be paid attention to.In the crude cleaning oil, use the brush to remove the smooth grease and adhesive, after roughly cleaning, into the fine washing.

Fine washing is to clean the bearings carefully while rotating in the cleaning oil.Also, keep cleaning oils clean.

3. Maintenance and determination of bearing: In order to determine whether the disassembled bearing can be used, check the bearing after it is cleaned.Check the state of raceway surface, rolling surface and mating surface, wear condition of the hanger, increase of bearing clearance and damage of irrelevant dimensional precision landing, abnormal.Non - detached small ball bearings, with one hand to support the inner ring, rotating the outer ring to confirm fluency.

Separate bearings such as tapered roller bearings can be used to check the raceway surface of rolling body and outer ring respectively.

Since large bearings cannot be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the appearance of rolling body, raceway surface, sticking frame, side shield and so on. The more important the bearing is, the more careful it should be checked.

1, the force applied by the resultant force through the axis of the bearing as far as possible, this request the force point average symmetric and smooth, through the sphere or parallel to the axis of the force. 

2, the size of the force should be stable and average, should not have impact, this requires the use of oil pressure or can apply smooth tension or pressure tools, the real need to use hammer, but also through copper sleeve and other soft and non-chip metal buffer, the impact force as light as possible.It is best to use a copper bar or hammer to stop the hammering. 

3, to prevent force through the rolling body, this is the request to install and remove the inner ring (shaft ring) through the inner ring, install and remove the outer ring) through the outer ring. 

4. The drag force should be maintained to its due level. For example, when installing the bearing, the force should be stopped when the bearing is just installed in the correct position.

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