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The main function of the cage

The main function of the cage


(1) the main functions of the cage are:

A. Separate each rolling body to minimize friction and calorific value in work;

B. Keep the distance between rolling bodies equal to make the load evenly distributed;

C. Prevent the rolling body of the separable bearing and the bearing that can swing with each other in the inner and outer rings from falling out;

D. guide the rolling body in the bearing non-bearing area.

(ii) the rolling bearing cage can be subdivided into ram type and solid type:

A. stamping cage: usually made of steel plate and sometimes copper plate.The advantage of this cage over a metal cage is its light weight.The stamping cage occupies a small gap between the inner and outer rings of the bearing.According to the code principle, the stamping cage is written into the code only if it is not used as a standard structure.

B. Solid cage: made of metal, phenolic resin fabric and plastic.These materials are specified in the bearing code.

Metal body retainers are used in work situations where retainer strength and temperature are required.

When a side guide is needed, a solid cage may also be used.High speed bearing retainers with side guides are often made of light materials, such as light metal or phenolic resin fabrics, to ensure a small inertia force.

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