The rust of double row angular contact ball bearings - bearing lubrication processing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Through the double row angular contact ball bearing lubrication, reach the role of the dust and rust. Two main bearing grease lubrication and oil lubrication grease seal type bearing grease filling sealing methods before, inside the shell filling grease, right amount, and each time the supplement or replace filling way as fat. In addition, there are many places to need lubricating machinery of double row angular contact ball bearing, but also use pipe connection way of fat concentration lubrication. Grease lubrication, but can't do it for a long time after filling grease, its seal structure more simple, so widely used. Oil lubrication is a relatively simple. Often can improve the service life of bearing lubrication. So, the importance of lubrication bearing, just stop here. 1) Soak method: some precision double row angular contact ball bearing by soaking in antirust oil, make its surface adhesion on a layer of anti-rust oil. The temperature of the oil film thickness can be controlled by anti-rust oil or viscosity to achieve. 2) Brush method used for soaking or spraying outdoor construction equipment or not apply special shaped products, brush should not only pay attention to not build up, also should pay attention to prevent leakage. 3) Spray a few large rust cannot be oiled by soaking method, generally about 0. 7 mpa pressure filtering compressed air spraying where clean air. Spray method used solvent XiShiXing rust-proof oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil, but must use perfect fire protection and labor protection measures.
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