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Ceramic bearings have advantages over all steel bearings

Ceramic bearings have advantages over all steel bearings


Over the past years, the domestic and foreign research and development of ceramic bearings have achieved fruitful results and substantial progress.In machine tools, chemical, aerospace and other fields have been applied and play a magic effect. 

Ceramic bearings have the following magical advantages over all-steel bearings:

1. High rotation speed and acceleration capacity -- it can operate under the condition of dn value exceeding 3 million, and can reduce skidding, wear and heat; 

2. Long service life and wear resistance -- the fatigue life of all-ceramic bearings is expected to be 10-50 times longer than that of all-steel bearings, and the service life of mixed ceramic bearings is also about 3-5 times longer than that of all-steel bearings; 

3, the need for lubrication is minimal -- ceramic material friction coefficient is low, the use of oil-lubricated ceramic bearings, in the case of lubricating oil thinning or poor oil, its lubrication capacity is not lower than the conventional lubricants commonly used in steel bearings; 

4. Abrasion resistance -- because the ceramic material is an inert material, it is more resistant to corrosion and wear; 

5. High rigidity -- due to the high elastic modulus of ceramic materials, their rigidity is 15-20% larger than that of ordinary steel bearings; 

6. High temperature resistance -- all ceramic bearings can work at temperatures above 500C; 

7. Low torque -- according to the structure, the torque of ceramic bearing is reduced by 1/3; 

8. Non-magnetic and non-conductive -- ceramic bearings are not damaged by magnetism or electricity. 

With the development of research and a large number of breakthroughs in manufacturing technology, ceramic bearings will have a promising prospect in the fields of high speed, high temperature and corrosion resistance.

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