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Daily maintenance of bearings

Daily maintenance of bearings


1. The grease lubrication

Grease lubrication can be done after filling a long time after lubrication does not need to be supplemented, and the structure of its sealing device is relatively simple, so it is widely used. Grease lubrication has the sealing method of filling grease in the sealed bearing in advance, and filling an appropriate amount of grease inside the shell. The method of filling fat supply with replacement at regular intervals. In addition, for the machinery with many bearings to be lubricated, the pipeline may be connected to the lubrication of the concentrated grease supply.

(1) filling amount of grease

The filling amount of grease in the shell varies with the structure and volume of the shell. Generally, it is advisable to fill up to 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the volume. However, it is used for low speed bearing, and sometimes it is filled to 2/3 ~ 1/2 of the volume to prevent foreign body invasion.

(2) supplement and replacement of grease

The replacement of grease is closely related to the lubrication method. No matter what method is adopted, clean grease must be used to prevent the invasion of external foreign bodies. The supplementary grease shall, as far as possible, be of the same brand number. It is particularly important to ensure that the new grease does indeed enter the bearing interior when replenishing the grease.

In addition, when adding or replacing a new grease, the original grease should be checked for failure or foreign bodies in the grease. If there is failure or foreign bodies in the grease, the original grease should be removed and cleaned before adding the clean grease.

2. Oil lubrication

Oil lubrication is generally divided into oil bath lubrication, drip lubrication, splash lubrication, circulation lubrication, jet lubrication, oil mist lubrication, oil and gas lubrication lubrication is suitable for high-speed bearings and can withstand a certain degree of high temperature, but also to reduce vibration and reduce noise effective, most of the grease lubrication is not suitable for the occasion.


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