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Stock management of rolling bearings

Stock management of rolling bearings


Rolling bearing is a high-precision mechanical component, its internal and surface quality requirements are very strict, so the stock of the contact must do a good job of storage, to avoid the bearing is not used during the inventory has been damaged, precision or quality deterioration.

The main causes of bearing inventory loss are as follows:

(1) impact and vibration in and out of the warehouse during the handling process cause bearing to be damaged;

(2) bearing corrosion due to poor oil seal packaging or oil seal expired, or poor storage environment;

(3) the temperature in the storage room is not up to the requirement or the poor management, which causes the bearing to change the metallographic structure quickly, resulting in the decrease of its size and shape accuracy.

Therefore, the technical tasks of bearing warehouse management are as follows:

(1) avoid bearing damage in the process of handling in and out of the warehouse;

(2) prevent the bearing from rusting during the inventory period and remove rust for the rusty bearing;

(3) minimize bearing precision loss during inventory;

(4) to ensure the supply of bearings and not affect the production due to the shortage of bearings;

(5) minimize bearing inventory, save money and land use;

(6) reasonable distribution, so that the bearing can be effectively used without overstocking;

(7) conduct investigation, statistics and comparative analysis on the use of bearings, and summarize experience to improve the supply, inventory, use and selection of bearings.

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