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Support against the epidemic, schaeffler to donate another 1 million euros!

Support against the epidemic, schaeffler to donate another 1 million euros!


On 3 April, the schaeffler group and the schaeffler family announced a joint contribution of 1 million euros to the Red Cross to assist in the fight against novel coronavirus. This is following the group's donation of RMB 6 million yuan to China in February this year and the group's contribution to the prevention and control of the global epidemic.


Currently, the novel coronavirus outbreak has developed into a global crisis. During this difficult period, we will work together, do our best to help fight the epidemic and actively implement corporate social responsibility.

-- CEO, schaeffler group

Klaus rosenfeld


The 6 million yuan donated by schaeffler to China is being used to fight the epidemic and recover from the disaster through the joint appeal schaeffler fund.

Recently, schaeffler received a letter of thanks from the Shanghai municipal government, the COVID 19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters in qingshan district, wuhan city, hubei province, and the central people's hospital of yichang city, to commend and thank schaeffler for his efforts and contributions to the fight against the war epidemic.

We pay our highest tribute to those who have worked so hard to maintain the infrastructure during this special time. Through this donation, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to the medical staff who are working on the front line.

-- schaeffler group

Family shareholders and chairman of the board of supervisors

George f.w. schaeffler

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