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What is the true level of Bearing in China?Is it really rubbish?Break down your old ideas

What is the true level of Bearing in China?Is it really rubbish?Break down your old ideas


In fact, made in China have already thoroughly remould oneself, our country's high-speed rail, for example, has the world's largest high-speed rail network, while huawei mobile phone and take the lead in research and development out of 5 g, the stability of xinjiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and wireless image transmission, is a leader in science and technology, we going to talk about today is bearing areas in our country, bearing the problems, after all, China for many years,It is not easy to be sophisticated, so what is the true level of Bearing in China now?Let me break your stereotypes today.

Bearings play an irreplaceable role in all aspects of our life, from the ground to the shared bike, to the sky to fly a variety of planes, are inseparable from bearings.

Before the bearing industry in our country and many industrial sectors, although able to mass production, but insufficient production technology quality is not reliable, in the face of other countries technology blockade, struggling of bearing industry in China, only a few core technology has been developed, many high-end products on the bearing need to be imported from abroad.

Manufacturing industry is also the basis of a strong country. After the reform and opening up, China's industry, which was originally weak, has made great development. China has become the only country with the listed industries in the world and the largest manufacturing country in the world.

However, at present China is a manufacturer, no question about it, yet there is a large gap compared with manufacturing powerhouse, China's industrial structure without strict standards, production quality is uneven, have no place in the general manufacturing industry in our country, but the achievement in bearing industry of our country is really incomparable, China is undoubtedly a bearing power.

According to statistics, in 2014, China's bearing production has reached 19.6 billion sets, ranking third in the world, but at that time, we can not be called a bearing power, because there is a big gap between China and some developed countries in the reliability and life of bearings.

Although most of the bearings in China to be able to use domestic bearing, but part of the performance is still not stable, so in the high-end products need bearing needs to be imported from abroad, however, our country faces the dilemma has been broken, a bearing factory has its own production of luoyang bearing do related test, can keep good performance under high-speed high-speed run,Then the durability test was carried out.

The test results show that the bearing meets the requirements of China's high-speed railway, which means that China's high-speed railway is very likely to achieve the full use of domestic bearings in the future. It is reported that the high-end bearing of this breakthrough is complex in structure and very difficult to process.

Only the grinding and grinding of the bearing housing must go through 87 processes. After tens of thousands of tests, the accuracy of the internal parts of the bearing has been greatly improved, even twice that of some countries.

Once upon a time, at that time in the world's manufacturing middle China can in some ways and compare the top countries, now China's bearing industry because of their mature technology, quality of products are produced in a huge increase, industry also further expand the scale, and to break the western countries technology blockade of our country for many years.

China's manufacturing industry is growing. Since 2010, China has become a major manufacturing country in the world for many years, and is striving to become a manufacturing power. A large number of innovative products with independent intellectual property rights continue to emerge.

Can science and technology be viewed with one side of the argument?

I asked a lot of net friend, they all think we China bearing no, ask them why not many people answer is our own factory in China heat treatment, but bearing in China as netizens said really so unbearable, actually a lot of people may not know, the Chinese to foreign enterprises took the raw materials, including the United States, Germany, Sweden and other precision,Not only the key parts of bearings, some even the finished products of bearings, let me talk about the true level of China's bearings.

First of all, let's talk about the parts of bearings. When it was revealed that Chunzhongdao had purchased Chinese steel balls, they immediately issued a notice admitting that they had purchased Chinese steel balls, which also showed from the side that the steel balls produced in China could be compared with theirs. They also said that the steel balls in China fully met their requirements.

And after the sale of products is also no complaints from users in terms of quality, wondering about island don't understand what people may think this is a lousy small company, but it can play a leading role in the international precision steel ball, even in Japan's giant steel ball very confident in China, some people also need not always belittle domestic steel ball.

Next, let's talk about the application of bearing parts in Chinese enterprises. In terms of the production of general steel balls, the general steel balls produced in China have been applied to the automobile and wind power industry, and the customers are well-known, such as GENERAL Motors, Toyota, etc.

Bearing ring is also very important parts, bearing ring now export products export in our country is also on the list, day letter seiko company and dalian bearing cage valley technology company dedicated to research, and the bearing cage industry in our country plays an important role, has now been applied to the BMW, ford, etc. In the auto industry.

Now the manufacture of Bearings in China is no longer the time to accompany runners and play the light of domestic goods.

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