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Four steps to teach you how to extend the service life of imported bearings!

Four steps to teach you how to extend the service life of imported bearings!


How to use the imported bearing to extend its life and bring more benefits to us, as the distributor of the imported bearing "China rui - Japan - imported bearing Chinese supplier" introduced some methods for us.I will introduce this method to you, so that you can better use imported bearings.I hope it will be of some help to you.

1. Installation of imported bearing

Whether the installation of imported bearing is correct affects the accuracy, life and performance.Therefore, the design and assembly department for the installation of imported bearings to fully study.It is expected to be installed according to operating standards.The operating standard items are usually as follows:

(1) clean the bearing and bearing related parts

(2) check the size and finish of related parts

(3) installation

(4) inspection after installing the bearing

(5) supply lubricant

2. Monitoring of basic conditions of imported bearings

During the service period, the basic external conditions of the imported bearing operation should be monitored frequently, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurement.These regular inspections will identify potential problems early and will prevent unexpected machine outages, enabling production plans to be implemented and increasing plant productivity and efficiency.

3. Re-lubricate the imported bearing

During operation, the bearing is required to be properly re-lubricated to perfect its performance.The method of bearing lubrication is divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication.In order to make the bearing function well, first of all, to choose suitable for the use of conditions, use purposes of lubrication method.If only lubrication is considered, the lubricity of oil lubrication prevails.But grease lubrication has the advantage of simplifying the structure around the bearing.


4. Unloading of imported bearing

The imported bearing should be replaced when it reaches its final service life.

Although the imported bearing can no longer be used, but correctly remove the original bearing, timely replacement of the new bearing, the new bearing service life extension can play a good role in promoting.

First, the use of the properly dismounted method tool will help prevent damage to other machine components,

Second, improperly unloaded technology may pose a hazard to the operator.

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