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Rolling bearing parts manufacturing process documents

Rolling bearing parts manufacturing process documents


The product manufacturing process of the content and requirements in accordance with certain procedures, in the form of documents and standards fixed down, the formation of a process document.Process documents can be divided into two categories:


The first is a comprehensive process document, will be a product all the requirements of the unified compilation in a document, simple and clear, easy to query, suitable for the product structure is simple, small production volume occasions.

The second is the classification of process documents, that is, according to the professional characteristics of the product manufacturing technology classification, highlighting professional characteristics, applicable to all kinds of products.Rolling bearing as a standardized mechanical parts, with the exception of a few varieties, the production process of most varieties is basically similar.Therefore, the preparation of manufacturing process documents of bearing parts is convenient to realize standardization and serialization.


1. Types of process documents


Generally speaking, the manufacturing process documents of bearing parts can be divided into three categories: dominant process documents, management process documents and production process documents.The dominant process is the basis, the managerial process documents are used to supply and manage the materials needed in the manufacturing process of the parts, and the production process documents are used to guide the production.


2. Compilation basis of process documents


It mainly includes: product design, product-related national standards, enterprise standards, enterprise internal standards and regulations, special requirements raised by customers, process equipment, technology and management level, production scale and production layout, etc.


3. Features of process documents


(1) mandatory process documents are important laws and regulations to ensure product quality, orderly production and enterprise management. Once issued, they must be resolutely implemented.


(2) the basic process documents are the basis for the production organization, material supply, quality management and economic accounting of the enterprise, and are the basic documents for the work of various business departments of the enterprise.


(3) operable process documents not only require accuracy, integrity, unity and specification, but also require easy to understand, simple and clear, suitable for ordinary operation.Therefore, in the actual work must have a strong operability.


(4) the enterprise image process document is formulated according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and its content focuses on the advantages of the enterprise in technology, management and process equipment, etc., which reflects the strength and image of the enterprise from one aspect.

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