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The important influence of lubrication on the service life of unidirectional bearing

The important influence of lubrication on the service life of unidirectional bearing


There are mainly grease lubrication and oil lubrication for one-way bearings.Grease lubrication can be filled with a grease for a long time without the need to replenish, and its sealing device structure is relatively simple, has also been widely used.

Grease lubrication A sealing method in which grease is pre-filled in a sealed one-way bearing, and a method in which grease is supplied or replaced at regular intervals by filling an appropriate amount of grease inside the housing.In addition, for machines with multiple unidirectional bearings requiring lubrication, the centralized grease supply mode with pipes connected to each lubrication point is also adopted.

The service life of one-way bearing is greatly affected by the correct lubricant or lubrication mode of one-way bearing. Therefore, proper and timely lubrication of one-way bearing is extremely important to its performance.

The influence of lubrication on the performance of one-way bearing is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

To reduce the friction and wear of the one-way bearing by lubricating the parts thereof;

Remove heat generated by friction or other causes inside the one-way bearing by lubrication;

Through lubrication the unidirectional bearing can achieve the role of rust and dust;

It can make the rolling contact surface of unidirectional bearing form appropriate oil film and prolong the fatigue life of unidirectional bearing.

In general, timely and correct lubrication of one-way bearings will improve the service life of bearings.

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