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The new energy enterprise war "epidemic" return to work face the challenge

The new energy enterprise war "epidemic" return to work face the challenge


Lu's concern is the new energy industry's "heart". In 2020, the wind power, photovoltaic will usher in the big test of parity online, bidding for the increasingly white-hot; With the deepening of poverty alleviation, photovoltaic poverty alleviation will also come to the final sprint stage. In the closing year of the 13th five-year plan period (2016-2020), the new energy industry, already pressed for time, is facing new challenges due to the sudden epidemic.

As a strategic emerging industry in China, the new energy industry is the backbone of the transformation of energy production and consumption structure to clean and low-carbon, and also a new economic growth point. At present, at the critical moment of the "epidemic" of the civil war, how should the new energy enterprises overcome the difficulties of blocked transportation of raw materials, low complex power of auxiliary material enterprises, and difficult recruitment of personnel shortage, so as to get the development of the industry back on track as soon as possible? In the crucial year that decides the industry development direction, how should new energy person innovate development, realize breakthrough?

Equipment manufacturing -- "although the problem of supply in some links is somewhat prominent, it seems that there is no situation where the total shortage of goods in one link leads to the low rework rate of the whole industry chain"

According to data from the China photovoltaic industry association, as of February 20, 94 of the 119 manufacturing photovoltaic enterprises surveyed had returned to work. The average capacity utilization rate in manufacturing enterprises is about 62.8%. From the point of view of each supply link, there are 6, 9, 16, 28 and 12 manufacturers of silicon materials, silicon wafers, batteries, components and inverters, with an average return to work rate of 89.1%, 68.9%, 70%, 58.4% and 62.9%, respectively. The average return to work ratio is 80.8%, 68.2%, 68%, 61.7% and 59.2%. And the rate and the number of workers of all kinds of auxiliary materials enterprises are relatively low, about 55%. According to a person familiar with the situation, due to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex, as of press time, the enterprise return to work than the above survey results "little change."

"At present, our two battery cell workshops and three component workshops are in continuous production for 24 hours, and the daily output has reached more than 80% of the normal level." Yang liyou, general manager of jinneng clean energy technology co., said, "with the resumption of production, orders are gradually being delivered, and it is expected that 100 percent of production will resume in the next few days."

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