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Thrust Ball Bearing

Thrust Ball Bearing


Thrust ball bearing using high-speed operation can withstand thrust load design, with the ball rolling by roll gap shape ring gasket.Because the ring of the seat cushion, therefore, thrust ball bearing is divided into a flat base mat type and self-aligning spherical seat cushion type two kinds.In addition, this kind of bearings can withstand axial load, but can't bear radial load.

According to stress distribution points one-way thrust ball bearings and two-way thrust ball bearings.

Thrust ball bearing

One-way thrust ball bearings, affordable one-way axial load.Bidirectional thrust ball bearing, it can be subject to bi-directional load, the axial circle and axis to cooperate.Seat installation are angled spherical bearing, has the self-aligning properties, can reduce the influence of the installation error.Thrust ball bearing can't bear radial load, limit rotational speed is low.

1. Equipped with one-way, two-way two types
Thrust ball bearing

2. In order to allow installation error, either one-way or two-way, can choose spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion type or spherical seat type.3. The high quality steel - used can extend bearing life highest 80% super clean steel 4. The height of the grease technology - NSK lubricants technology can make the life extension of the grease and improve the performance of bearing 5. The high grade ball - quiet and smooth when high-speed rotation 6. Using the options in the ring, can allow installation error.

Thrust ball bearings use: apply only to bear a part of the axial load and low speed, such as crane hook, vertical pumps, vertical centrifuge, jack, low speed reducer, etc.The shaft of the bearing ring, race and rolling elements are separated, can wear &erosive respectively

There are two key thrust ball bearing assembly.A cage and steel ball bonding quality control, the other is a nominal highly T control after bearing assembly.In addition, due to the shaft ring and seat are separable, bring a management problem.Conventional is to prevent imported bearing parts.M type punching cage use flanging die assembly.After pressing demands steel ball in the pocket hole flexible rotation, but can not fall off from the pocket hole, and technical discipline inspection steel ball in the hole in the pocket up momentum.Entities cage stamping pressure too deep will make small steel ball up momentum, and bumps on the stamping connection with cage too little and strength is insufficient, prone to falling phenomenon, cause maintains a scrap.Small thrust ball bearing race and shaft circle diameter is slightly different, two sets of group there was no significant difference.To prevent mixing of phenomenon, namely pretended to be a set of bearing found two or are shaft is a circle.This needs to take certain measures.Or set of assistive tools will usually smoke ring, distinguish, or before sampling nominal height with inner diameter gauge inspection, in order to check the inner diameter is convenient, put under the seat, shaft ring above.If seat diameter have obvious quench heating oxidation color or not after grinding, it should not be necessary to test diameter, can clearly see the difference between the shaft ring and seat, not easy to mix.Thrust ball bearing assembly for nominal height after T measure, confirm whether qualified.Block or standard calibration, measured in height, and measured load, bearing rotating dozens of times, it is important to reach the minimum height.[1]

When the thrust ball bearings under the condition of high speed operation, steel ball and raceway radial plane of the contact Angle will be influenced by centrifugal force, causing steel ball relative sliding groove.This adhesive wear damage caused by sliding bearings.To prevent the damage, must ensure that the minimum load, thrust ball bearings are see formula formula 1 or 2, take calculated value of highly actie.

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