The key technology of industrial robot bearing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Industrial robot bearing as one of the key parts of the industrial robot, mainly includes two categories: bearing, used for industrial robot is a constant cross-section thin-walled bearing, another kind is cross roller bearing. There are harmonic reducer bearing, linear bearings, joint bearings, etc. , but before two kinds of bearing with the more. Industrial robot bearing the key technology of the development of modern industrial robots tend to be lightweight, bearing to be installed in limited space, must be small volume, light weight, which is lightweight. But at the same time, the robot's high load, high rotary precision, high stability, high positioning speed operation, high repeat positioning accuracy, long life, high reliability performance, requirements of form a complete set of bearing robot must possess high bearing capacity, high precision, high stiffness, low friction torque, long life, high reliability performance. 1, such as cross section thin-walled bearing thin-walled cross section bearing different with the common thin wall bearing, such as cross section thin-walled bearing most of a series of cross section is square, and the size is designed as a fixed value. In the same series of cross section size is the same, it is not with the inner diameter size increases, so called cross section thin-walled bearing, etc. Such as cross section thin-walled ball bearings including thin-walled four-point contact ball bearing series, thin-walled angular contact ball bearing series and thin-walled deep groove ball bearing series three series, more than was applied in the industrial robot waist, elbow and wrist requirements section size is small, restricted areas. Under the condition of the same diameter and thin wall section such as ball bearing is more than the number of standards of steel ball rolling bearing, so as to improve the bearing internal force distribution, reduce the elastic deformation of the steel ball in contact with the channel, improve the bearing capacity. 2, thin-walled cross roller bearing the internal structure of the thin-walled cross roller bearing by roller are arranged 90 ° vertically cross each other, with a single bearing can bear radial force at the same time, the bidirectional interaction of axial force and overturning moment, with intervals between roller holder or the isolation piece, can prevent the each other between the tilt or roller of roller mill, effectively prevent the increase of the friction torque. Moreover, the structure of vertical roller cross arrangement can avoid roller lock phenomenon; Because of bearing the structure of the inside and outside the circle is divided again at the same time, clearance is adjustable, even by pressure, also can obtain high rotation accuracy. Cross roller bearings with its light composite structure, high rotary precision, good rigidity, good properties such as stable friction moment are widely applied to industrial robot waist turning, joint type robot turning part of the shoulder, arm and wrist.
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