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Introduction of self-aligning roller bearings for vibrating screen

Introduction of self-aligning roller bearings for vibrating screen


This kind of bearing has large size, both small flaps and copper solid integral cage. The cage is also guided by the middle ring.The roller and raceway of CA and CC bearing are optimized to help lubricated roller and raceway, reduce friction and heat, and E-type bearing is strengthened to improve the bearing capacity by increasing the diameter of roller.Sealing type of self-aligning roller bearing.

The bearing adopts the stamping steel cage, and after the surface is hardened by heat treatment, the wear-resisting ability is improved.Large size vibrating screen bearing, the inner ring also has no edge, the middle ring is on the outer raceway, by the outer raceway guide rotation.At the same time, a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene is also lined on the surface of the cylindrical inner hole, which can absorb shock and resist corrosion.

Spherical roller bearings angular deviation With automatic self-aligning spherical roller bearing, automatically adjust the angular deviation caused by bad installation condition of influence of spherical roller bearing on the angular deviation of adaptive performance changes over bearing width, diameter series C under the condition of the same diameter, bearing the more wide, the greater the diameter, allowable angular deviation is larger.

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