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Bearing accuracy

Bearing accuracy



The precision of rolling bearing is divided into dimensional precision and rotational precision.The specification of the precision is according to GB/T18254 GB/ t3073-96.The rolling bearings manufactured by yuyuan bearing manufacturing co., LTD are in GB/T18254, GB/t307-96 and JB/t8921-99 standards.Precision specification table used in

The code is as follows:

(1) size (5) rotation accuracy

D: nominal bearing bore Kia(Ki) : radial oscillating pendulum of the inner ring

D: nominal bearing inner diameter Sia (Si): axial pendulum of the inner ring

B: nominal inner ring width Sd(Sdi): lateral oscillation of the inner ring

C: nominal outer ring width Kea(Ke): radial oscillation pendulum of the outer ring

R: chamfer size of inner or outer ring Sea(Se): axial pendulum of outer ring

SD(SD) : verticality Seal of outer diameter surface: axial vibration pendulum on the back of flange disk surface

(2) size deviation

The size of the Δ ds: inner diameter deviation

Δ DMP: plane size deviation of average diameter

(Δ dm) : the size of the average diameter deviation

Δ Ds: outer diameter size deviation

Δ Dmp: plane dimensional deviation of average diameter

(Δ Dmp) : the size of the average outside diameter deviation

Δ Bs: the size of the inner ring width deviation or the size of the central ring height deviation

Δ Cs: the size of the outer ring width deviation

Δ Dis: measured the size of the flange diameter deviation

Δ Dis: measured the size of the flange width deviation

(3) chamfering

Rs min: minimum allowable chamfering size for inner and outer rings

Rs Max: minimum allowable chamfer size for inner and outer rings

(4) size variation

Vdp: inside diameter variation in plane

Vdmp: average diameter variation in a plane

VDp: inside and outside diameter variation

VDmp: mean diameter variation in the plane

VBs: inner ring width variation

VCs: outer ring width changes

VCis: flange width variation

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