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What material are the bearings made of

What material are the bearings made of


The ring and the rolling body of the rolling bearing repeatedly bear the high contact pressure on one hand, and on the other hand make rolling contact accompanied by sliding.Retainer, one side is in contact with both sides of the ring and rolling body, or one side of its slide, one side bears the tension and compression force.Therefore, the bearing ring, rolling body and cage material, performance, the main requirements are as follows.

Performance required by ring and rolling material:

High rolling fatigue strength, high hardness and high friction resistance

Performance required for cage material

Good dimensional stability and large mechanical strength

In addition, also need good processing.According to the use of different, there are requirements for its impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance good.

Materials of the ring and rolling body:

High carbon chromium bearing steel is usually used for the ring and rolling body.Most bearings use SUJ2 of JIS steel.Large bearings use SUJ3.The chemical composition of SUJ2, in all countries of the world, has been normalized as a bearing material.For example: with AISL52100 (USA), DIN100Cr6 (west Germany), BS535A99 (UK) are the same type of steel.Further need to withstand the impact of the case, as a bearing material to use chromium steel, chromium molybdenum steel, nickel chromium molybdenum steel, carbon hardening, so that the steel from the surface to the appropriate depth of a hardening layer.The carbonized bearing with proper hardening depth, fine structure, suitable hardness of the surface and core hardness has better impact resistance than the bearing steel, and the general chemical composition of the steel used for the carbonized bearing.

NSK bearing carried out a vacuum degassing treatment, so, the use of materials with a high degree of cleanliness, less oxygen content, good quality.Furthermore, proper heat treatment is adopted to significantly increase the rolling fatigue life of the bearing.

In addition to the above steel types, according to the special purpose, but also use good heat resistance high speed steel, corrosion resistance good stainless steel.

Cage material:

Stamping cage material, using low carbon steel.According to use different, also use brass plate, stainless steel plate.Cut the material of the cage, use high strength brass, carbon steel, also use synthetic resin.

Cylindrical roller bearing

Cylindrical roller and race is line contact, the radial load capacity is big, which is applicable to bear heavy load and shock load, also applies to N type high speed rotation and axial movement, NU type can be able to adapt to shaft caused by thermal expansion or installation error and shell the change of relative position, the adaptation is used as the free end bearing can withstand a certain degree of NJ and NF type one-way axial load, NH type and NUP type two-way axial load can withstand a certain degree of inner ring and outer ring can be separated, convenient disassembly NNU model and NN model of radial load resistance strong rigidity, mostly used for machine tool spindle

Main cage for use:

Steel plate stamping cage (Z shape), copper alloy cutting cage, pin cage, synthetic resin forming cage

Main USES:

Medium and large motor, generator, internal combustion engine, steam turbine, machine tool spindle, reducer, loading, unloading and handling machinery, all kinds of industrial machinery

Solid type needle roller bearing

The basic structure of the bearing with inner ring is the same as that of the NU cylindrical roller bearing, but the volume can be reduced due to the use of needle rolling, and can withstand large radial load

Main cage for use:

Steel plate stamping cage

Main USES:

Automobile engine, transmission, pump, excavator crawler wheel, hoist, bridge crane, compressor

Tapered roller bearing

This kind of bearing with a frustum of a cone shape roller, roller guided by inner ring big rim design makes the inner ring and outer ring raceway surface of raceway surface, on the surface of the roller rolling each cone vertex intersection in the center of the bearing of the line of a single row bearing can bear radial load and axial load one-way, double row bearings can bear radial load and bidirectional axial load applied to under heavy load and shock load according to the contact (alpha) of different, divided into small cone Angle, large cone Angle and taper Angle of three pattern, the larger the contact Angle of the axial load capacity is, the greater the outer and inner components (inner ring with roller and cage components) can be separated, easy installation,The rear auxiliary code "J" or "JR" bearings have international interchangeability

Main cage for use:

Steel plate stamping cage, synthetic resin forming cage, pin cage

Main USES:

Automobile: front wheel, rear wheel, transmission, differential pinion shaft.Machine tool spindle, construction machinery, large agricultural machinery, railway vehicle gear reduction device, rolling mill roll neck and reduction device

Aligning roller bearing

In these bearings are of spherical raceway outer ring and double groove between the inner ring is equipped with spherical roller, according to the different internal structure, divided into R, RH, RHA and SR four types because of outer ring raceway arc center and bearing center consistent, with self-aligning performance, thus can be automatically adjusted because of the shaft or shell buckling or axis deviation caused by different heart can bear radial load and two-way axial load.In particular, the radial load capacity is large, it is suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load taper hole bearing can make the mounting and dismantling taper hole on the shaft have the following two kinds (taper) by using fasteners or unmounting sleeve:

1:30 (auxiliary code: K30)......Suitable for 240 and 241 series

1:12 (auxiliary code: K)......Applicable to other series

Oil hole, oil groove and positioning pin hole (one) can be arranged on the outer ring.Oil hole and oil groove can also be opened on the inner ring

Main cage for use:

Copper alloy cutting cage, steel plate stamping cage, pin cage, synthetic resin forming cage

Main USES:

Papermaking machinery, reduction device, axle of railway rolling stock, gearbox seat of rolling mill, roller table of rolling mill, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, all kinds of industrial reducer, vertical belt seat centering bearing

Thrust ball bearing

A raceway ring with raceway is made up of a gasket ring with raceway and a ball and cage assembly.Two-way bearing can bear one-way axial load, while two-way bearing can bear two-way axial load (neither can bear radial load).

Main applicable cage: steel plate stamping cage, copper alloy or phenolic resin cutting cage, synthetic resin forming cage

Main USES: automobile steering pin, machine tool spindle

Thrust cylindrical roller bearing

It is composed of washer raceway ring (shaft ring, seat ring), cylindrical roller and cage assembly.Cylindrical roller adopts convex machining, so the uniform pressure distribution between the roller and raceway surface can bear the unidirectional axial load, the axial load capacity is large, and the axial rigidity is also strong

Main cage for use:

Copper alloy cut cage

Main USES:

Oil drilling rig, iron and steel machinery

Thrust needle roller bearing

Separation type bearing with needle roller and cage by the raceway ring components, with thin roll stamping process in ring (W) or cutting processing of thick type of raceway ring (WS) any combination of separation type bearing is by the precision stamping processing circle of raceway and needle roller and cage components of integral type bearings can withstand axial load one-way takes up the space is little, these bearings are most conducive to the compact mechanical design with needle roller and cage components only, and the installation of the shell and the shaft surface used as raceway surface

Main cage for use:

Steel plate stamping and resin forming cage

Main USES:

Variable speed devices for automobiles, cultivators, machine tools, etc

Thrust taper roller bearing

This kind of bearing with a frustum of a cone shape roller (big end for spherical), roller by race lap, lap (axis) guard accurate guide ring and seat design makes the shaft on the surface of the raceway surface and on the surface of the roller rolling cone vertex meet in a one-way bearing can withstand one-way bearing center line axial load, two-way bearing can be subject to bi-directional load bearing will ring and shaft in coordination, but due to clearance fit, so you must ring axial positioning with shaft sleeve, etc

Main cage for use:

Copper alloy cut cage

Main USES:

One-way: crane hook, oil rig ring

Two-way: rolling mill roll neck

Thrust centering roller bearing

The spherical roller is inclined in this type of bearing. Since the raceway surface of the seat ring is spherical and has the ability to adjust the center, it is allowed to have a number of inclined axial loads with a very large capacity. Oil lubrication is generally used when bearing axial loads and also bearing a number of radial loads

Main cage for use:

Copper alloy cut cage

Main USES:

Hydraulic generator, vertical motor, propeller shaft for ship, reducer for rolling screw of rolling mill, tower crane, coal mill, extrusion machine, forming machine

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