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British four row tapered roller bearings

British four row tapered roller bearings


The structure, assembly dimension and rotation precision of inch tapered roller bearings are different from that of metric bearings.Most are used for importing machinery or for special needs of the trade.

This bearing has four rows of rollers, which can bear large radial load, can bear bidirectional axial load, low limit speed.It is widely used in cold rolling mill and hot rolling mill.The inner diameter of the bearing is mixed with the diameter of the roller.The size of axial clearance has a great influence on the normal operation of tapered roller bearings.When the gap is large, the bearing is easy to damage, so the installation should pay special attention to the three outer ring, two inner ring, two outer ring, an inner plate factory typing number, do not install by mistake.

Four row tapered roller bearings are one of the main roller bearings.The radial and axial bearing capacity of this bearing is large, the radial bearing capacity is about 3 times of the single row bearing.It can bear large bidirectional axial load, but the limit speed is low. It can limit the axial displacement within the bearing axial clearance range, and can be used for bidirectional axial positioning.The diameter and axial clearance of the bearing can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the interval between the inner and outer rings.

Four row tapered roller bearings are mainly used for hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill and rolling mill.Due to easy handling, there is usually a roller neck clearance.Tapered roller bearings generally use steel plate stamping cage, when the size of a larger column cage.

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