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Remove the bearing on the return sleeve

Remove the bearing on the return sleeve


When disassembling the bearing on the release sleeve, the axial locking device, such as locking nut and end cover, must be removed.

When removing small and medium bearings, the bearings can be loosened with locking nuts and hook or impact wrenches.

The best way to remove large bearings is to use hydraulic nuts.If the threaded part of the sleeve is protruding from the end or shoulder of the shaft, the support ring should be inserted into the sleeve hole. The wall of the support ring should be as thick as possible to avoid deformation and damage of the thread when tightening the nut when using hydraulic pressure.It is recommended to add a barrier to the hydraulic nut end, for example through the shaft end.If the return sleeve is suddenly separated from the shaft seat, the barrier can be used to prevent the return sleeve and hydraulic nut from completely returning from the shaft. 

The return sleeve used for large bearings is usually equipped with an oil pipe slot for the purpose of oil filling, which greatly reduces the time required for the installation and removal of large bearings.

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