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Single Row Bearing Information

Single Row Bearing Information


                                   Product introduction to edit
A kind of single bearing, roller bearing, the column number of the rolling element is 1.It is running between the shaft and the shaft seat sliding friction into rolling friction, thereby reducing friction loss of a precision mechanical components.Generally consists of inner ring and outer ring, rolling body and keep the frame of four parts.
Product structure editor
Generally consists of inner ring and outer ring, single roller and cage of four parts, the effect of inner ring is with

Single bearing structure

Shaft match with the shaft rotation;Outer ring is used to match the bearing seat, a support role;Single roller is with the aid of maintains a uniform distribution of the rolling element between inner ring and outer ring, its shape size and quantity directly affects the using performance and life of rolling bearing;Maintains a uniform distribution can make the roller, guide roller rotation lubrication.

single row bearing

Product role editor
Bearing on the rotating shaft and the shaft parts, and keep the shaft work position and rotating precision, rolling bearing is convenient in operation and maintenance, reliable operation, good starting performance, bearing capacity is higher under the moderate speed.But the bearing radial size is larger, vibration reduction ability is poor, high speed when life is low, noise is larger.
Product features editor
Small friction resistance, flexible starting, high efficiency (n = 0.98 ~ 0.99);The bearing capacity of bearing unit width is stronger;Non-ferrous metal consumption is greatly reduced;Easy to swap, lubrication and maintenance is convenient.[1]

Contact stress is high, poor ability to resist shock, high speed life under heavy load is low, does not apply to have impact and instantaneous overload high speed occasions;Compared with the double row bearings and bearing, its carrying capacity is small, the bear radial load at the same time do not carry two-way axial load;Vibration reduction ability is low, running from time to tome noise;The radial profile size;Small batch production of special high cost of rolling bearing.

Product category editing
Single rolling bearing in accordance with the structure can be divided into:
1, deep groove ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearing has simple structure, easy to use, is the production batch is the largest, the most widely application scope of a class of bearings.It is mainly used to bear radial load, also can absorb a certain amount of axial load.When bearing radial clearance increases, has the function of angular contact bearings can withstand larger axial load.
2, needle roller bearings
Needle bearing with fine and long roller, so the radial structure is compact, its diameter and load capacity at the same time, with other types of bearing outside diameter to a minimum, especially with the limited size of the radial installation supporting structure.
3, cylindrical roller bearing
Cylindrical roller bearing roller is usually guided by a bearing ring two guard, cage. The roller and guide ring of a combination of parts, can be separated from the other bearing ring, belonging to the separable bearing.This kind of bearing installation, remove more convenient, especially when demand inside and outside the ring and the shaft housing are showed more advantages when the interference fit.
4, tapered roller bearings
Tapered roller bearing is mainly applied to withstand to joint mainly consisting of radial load and axial load, and the big cone Angle tapered roller bearing can be used to bear the diameter of is given priority to with axial load, axial load.These bearings for separating type bearing, which circles (including tapered roller and cage) and the outer ring can be installed separately.
5, insert ball bearing
Insert ball bearing unit by the two sides with a seal of outer spherical ball bearing and casting (or steel plate stamping) of bearing seat.The internal structure of outer spherical ball bearing and deep groove ball bearings are the same, but this kind of bearing inner ring width in the outer ring, outer ring has a truncated spherical outside surface, and can automatically adjust to match with the concave spherical surface of the bearing.
6, angular contact bearings
Angular contact ball bearing limit rotational speed is higher, can be subject to the load and axial load at the same time, also can withstand pure axial load, its axial load capacity is determined by contact Angle, and with the contact Angle increases.More used in: oil pump, air compressor, all kinds of transmission, fuel injection pump, printing machinery.
7. Self-aligning ball bearing
Self-aligning ball bearing has two columns of steel ball, there are two inner ring raceway, the outer ring raceway is spherical shape, with automatic self-aligning performance.Can automatically compensate the shaft alignment errors caused by crooked and shell deformation, suitable for bearing seat hole can guarantee strict alignment of parts.
8, spherical roller bearing
Other two column roller spherical roller bearing, is mainly used to bear radial load, but also can carry axial load in either direction.This kind of bearing high radial load capacity, especially suitable for overloading or under vibration loading work, but can't afford to pure axial load;Adjustable heart performance is good, can be compensated with the bearing error
9, thrust ball bearings
Separated type thrust ball bearing is a bearing, shaft ring "can seat and maintains a" steel ball component separation.Shaft is made to match the shaft ring, sit circle is to match the bearing hole of the ring, and there are gaps between shaft.
10, thrust roller bearings

Thrust roller bearing used for shaft under axial load is given priority to. By the joint load, but by the load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load.Compared with other thrust roller bearings, the bearing friction factor is low, high speed, and with self-aligning ability.

Select edit type
Choosing a rolling bearing type, should be based on the working load of the rolling bearing (size, direction and nature), rotational speed, the shaft
Stiffness and other requirements, etc., refer to the following comments.
1) high speed, the load is small, rotating accuracy demanding choose ball bearing;Low speed, load at the beginning of a great shock for roller bearing.
2) at the same time bear radial load and axial load bearing, bearing type selected should be the difference between different situations.Give priority to with radial load can choose deep groove ball bearings;Axial load is larger than radial load can be used when a lot of thrust bearing and the combination of centripetal bearing structure, so as to carry axial load and radial load respectively;When radial load and axial load are very big, can choose angular contact ball bearing or tapered roller bearings.
3) choose bearing self-aligning properties should also be considered, all kinds of bearing inner and outer circle axis relative Angle is limited, more than limit Angle, will lower the bearing life.[2]
Single and double column bearing editor

Single row bearing, double row bearings
The column number of the single bearing, the rolling element is 1, this kind of bearing design is simple, as a separate type, suitable for high speed, and even very high speed, and very durable in operation,
Double row bearings, the rolling element of the number of columns to 2, this type of bearings in bear radial load at the same time it can be subject to bi-directional load, can be within the scope of the bearing axial clearance limit shaft and the shell axial displacement.Angular contact bearings, for example, compared with the single row angular contact ball bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing has better rigidity, can withstand the overturning moment.Widely used in the car of the front wheel hub (some models also use the same size of the double row circular cone roller bearings).                                

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