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New applications and basic performance requirements for bearings

New applications and basic performance requirements for bearings


Lubricated bearing, acid armour with aldehyde, has the very high wear resistance, bearing surface is arranged regularly with oil storage pit must be lubricated with grease, when assembly is particularly suited to high load under the low speed of rotation, swing movement and often under load negative, opening and closing and less prone to forming fluid lubrication parts, under the condition of boundary lubrication, can use for a long time without refueling and maintenance, and in the process of gas can be used to more prolong the service life of bearing, currently applicable to the metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hydraulic machinery, auto parts, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. 

Oil-free self-lubricating bearing: the product is made of a mixture of steel plate as matrix, sintered spherical bronze powder in the middle layer, rolled polytetrafluoroethylene [ptfe] and lead on the surface layer.It has the characteristics of small coefficient of friction, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, oil-free self-lubrication and long service life.It is widely used in a variety of mechanical sliding parts such as printing machines, textile machines, hydraulic trucks, tobacco machines, medical machinery, fitness equipment, micromotors, cars, motorcycles and so on.


Metal base embedded solid self-lubricating bearing: it is a new type of bearing with both the characteristics of metal bearing and self-lubricating bearing.It has the

It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, shock resistance, high temperature resistance and strong self-lubricating ability.


Traditional oil bearing: because of the advantages of low noise and self-lubrication, the oil bearing has become the new favorite of the CPU fan bearing.In addition, the application of oil bearing in everyday household appliances is expanding with the increasing demand for putting noises.


The basic requirement of bearing material depends largely on the working performance of bearing.The selection of suitable materials for manufacturing rolling bearings will have a great impact on their performance and life.In general, the main failure forms of rolling bearings are fatigue spalling under the action of alternating stress and loss of bearing precision due to friction and wear.In addition, there are cracks, indentation, corrosion and other causes of abnormal bearing damage.Therefore, rolling bearing should have high resistance to plastic deformation, less friction and wear, good rotation accuracy, good dimensional accuracy and stability, and long contact fatigue life.And many of the properties are determined by materials and heat treatment processes.

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