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Ball screw

Ball screw


1. Less power

The driving torque is only 1/3 of that of the sliding screw pair, which has higher motion efficiency and can save more power. 

2. High precision guarantee

Ball screw pairs are produced by high level of mechanical equipment, the production accuracy is higher. 

3. Micro-feed possibility

Ball screw pair is the use of ball movement, so the starting torque is very small, will not appear as sliding movement crawling phenomenon, can ensure the realization of accurate micro feed. 

4, no side gap, high rigidity

The ball screw pair can be prepressed, because the prepressure can make the axial clearance reach a negative value, and then get higher rigidity. 

5. High-speed feed

Ball screw pair can achieve high speed feed (movement) due to high efficiency and low heat. 

Ball screw pair provides a wide range of standardized products for a variety of USES.The ball circulation way has the circulation conduit type, the circulation device type, the end cover type.Preloading methods include positioning preloading (double nut, bit preloading) and constant preloading.The appropriate type can be selected according to the purpose.The lead screw has precision ball screw with high precision grinding (precision is divided into 6 grades from C0 to C7) and cold rolling ball screw with high precision cold rolling (precision is divided into 3 grades from C7 to C10).In addition, in order to meet the user's urgent need for delivery, there are finished products that have been processed to the shaft end, semi-finished products and cold rolling ball screw can be processed to the shaft end freely.As the peripheral parts of ball screw, the necessary screw support units, nut bearings and lock nuts have been standardized for users to choose. 

Ball screw pair application: CNC machine: CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC electric discharge machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC wire cutting machine, CNC boring machine, special machine and other precision machine tool, milling machine, grinding machine, discharge machine, cutter grinding machine, gear machine, drilling machine, planer, industrial machinery, printing machine, paper machine, automation machinery, textile machine, drawing machine, electronic machinery, measuring instruments, x-y platform, medical equipment, factory automation equipment, PCB drilling machine, IC packaging machine, semiconductor equipment, conveying machinery factory automation equipment, such as:Robort Stage, material handling equipment, nuclear reactors, high actuators, etc

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