Needle roller bearing grease at high temperature

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Under the condition of high temperature, and can be divided into the issues concerning questions about bearing grease bearing problem of high temperature operation and high temperature bearing design problem. If refers to the attention of the high temperature when using, I think companies and general bearings do not have what difference. But if it is design problem, so the first note bearing materials used in the temperature can maintain the stability of performance. Second, should by considering the temperature changes, changes the size of the bearing and its accuracy. In addition, the high temperature bearing grease is also different, high temperature grease has a lot of, the ordinary bearing limit 120 of heat-resistant, high again, the microstructure of the metal will have change, and high temperature bearing can work at high temperature for a long time. SKF high temperature grease series, for example, wants to be price expensive, about thousands of yuan a kilo. If it feels necessary, it is recommended to use. Unnecessary, you can use the way such as lubricating oil and gas to heat, or on the bearing water cooling device, in addition to oil, high temperature of bearing materials is also a problem, and the problem of cage, cage is more important than oil, cage is not good, it is a good grease is also no use.
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