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Rolling bearing assembly

Rolling bearing assembly


1. The rolling bearing should not be removed from the parts. If it must be removed, correct tools and methods should be used.

2. Before assembling the rolling bearing, appropriate cleaning agent and method should be selected according to the anti-rust way of the rolling bearing.

3. Check the inner diameter of the bearing sleeve and the diameter of the journal with the inside and outside micrometers before assembly, and the matching tolerance must meet the requirements of the drawing.

4, the rolling bearing is installed in the opposite bearing housing, the bearing cover and the bearing housing should have no clearance between the joint surface, but the bearing outer ring and the bearing housing on both sides of the tile should leave a certain clearance.The side clearance of the tile mouth can be measured and checked with a plug-ruler. If the clearance is too small or "clipping" occurs, it can be cut with a scraper to increase the clearance, and in accordance with the table "the clearance between rolling bearing and split bearing seat".

5, rolling bearing assembly, there are driving method, pressing method and hot loading method.In the driving method, the copper bar or casing should be used as the tool of transferring force to make the force acting on the bearing symmetrical.The press-in method USES a press instead of a hammer blow and still USES the casing to transfer force.Direct heating with flame is strictly prohibited during hot loading. Heating with hot oil at 80~90℃ should not exceed 100℃.Bearing should not be in contact with the heating oil tank seat during heating. The bearing should be hung in the middle of the oil layer to avoid local overheating and causing annealing.

The heating time shall not be less than 15min, and the inner sleeve shall be expanded to the required value before assembly.During the hot loading process, the bearings should be installed in the correct position quickly and at one time.If the steel ball retainer in the bearing is oil-resistant plastic, it is advisable to heat it with water, but the water should be dried in time after assembly.

6. When assembling rolling bearings, the following requirements shall be met:

(1) After the cleaning of the bearing should be checked, the bearing should have no damage, rust, flexible rotation sound, check the bearing and journal bearing and bearing seat with the type and size, meet the requirements can be assembled;

The assembly of the bearing pressure should be evenly distributed and perpendicular to the end face, prevent unilateral stress.Select the stress point according to the assembly relation. If the bearing is assembled on the journal, the pressure should be added on the inner ring of the bearing.

(3) Assembly, should make the bearing and shaft shoulder close, tapered roller bearing and centriidal thrust bearing and shaft shoulder clearance shall not be greater than 0.05mm, other bearings shall not be greater than 0.1mm.The bearing cover and retaining ring must be flat and evenly attached to the end face of the bearing, and the clearance shall be adjusted according to the provisions of the technical documents.

(4) When assembling, the bearing should be as far as possible to note the specification of one end to the outside, easy to check and replace.After assembly, check whether there is sticking by hand rotation, and then add proper amount of grease.The sealing device must be assembled in accordance with regulations, and no oil leakage shall occur after sealing;

5) Single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearings, centripeal thrust bearings, shall be inspected axial clearance during assembly, and shall be adjusted according to bearing standards or technical documents;

6, all kinds of centriical bearing, needle roller bearing, screw roller bearing assembly, must be flexible rotation.After assembling the bearing with grease, clean grease is injected into the cavity of the bearing with 65%~80% of the cavity volume. For the bearing lubricated with thin oil, grease is not allowed to be injected.

For bearing assembly, the axial clearance and axial pretension (axial preinterference) that shall be adjusted shall comply with the bearing standard or the provisions of the equipment technical documents.

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