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Key Analysis: Seal Way Of Bearing Grease

Key Analysis: Seal Way Of Bearing Grease


Matters needing attention for bearing grease sealing:

Different sealing methods of grease may lead to unstable temperature rise, abnormal temperature rise, long initial running time, and even sintering. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt appropriate amount of grease and correct sealing method according to the use conditions.

1. Confirmation matters before sealing

Make sure there is no residue inside the bearing.It is suggested that bearings for high speed spindle should be cleaned first, degreased, and then sealed with grease.In other use conditions, it is also recommended to remove the anti-rust oil attached to the inner bearing.

2. Sealing of grease

In order to seal in the appropriate amount of grease, it is recommended to use a sealer.

Encapsulator. It is best to use a gauge with a sealing reading.

3. Sealing amount of oil

Recommended sealing amount for standard precision bearings:

Angular contact ball bearings for high speed spindles -- 15% (-2% to +2%) of intervolume

Cylindrical roller bearings for high speed spindles -- 10% (-2% to +2%) of intervolume

Ball bearings for motor -- 20%~30% of space volume.

Sealing method of bearing grease:

1. Sealing method of oil in ball bearings

(1) evenly sealed between the steel balls.A thin layer of grease is recommended on the cage guide surface if the cage guide is an outer ring guide for phenol resin cages.

(2) turn the bearing by hand, so that the grease is evenly sealed into the raceway surface, the inner diameter of the cage, the steel ball and the guide surface, so that the grease is filled with the internal space.

2, cylinder roller bearing grease sealing method

(1) Apply 80% of the sealing amount of grease evenly on the rolling surface.At this time, it is recommended that the inner diameter of the cage should not be too greasy.The oil inside the cage is difficult to flow in the initial running-in operation stage, which increases the temperature rise and also prolongs the running-in operation time.

(2) Apply the grease on the rolling surface of the roller to the end face of the roller, the cage, the contact part with the roller and the entrance of the pocket, so that the grease is evenly distributed to the whole bearing.

(3) Apply 20% grease of the sealing amount evenly and thinly on the outer ring raceway surface covered in the bearing chamber.

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