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The online Canton fair is a resounding voice of China's embrace of globalization

The online Canton fair is a resounding voice of China's embrace of globalization


The Canton fair is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level and the largest scale in China. It is known as the "barometer" of China's foreign trade. In the new global acceleration outbreak, China against input, "bounce" pressure has no relaxation under the special situation, online Canton fair held in June this year, will achieve a major breakthrough in the discovery of two: the history of the Canton fair first fully held in the form of network, will also be held under the outbreak of one of the largest global trade event.

Up to the 126th session of the Canton fair, the cumulative export turnover of about 1412.6 billion us dollars. A has such a large volume of trade and the impact of trade event online, its present, and will no longer be used offline fair common crowded, guests gathered, "shouted" four kind of spectacular, is also not pure electric business platform for consumers' online shopping + live with "mode. An online fair held in the cloud, Chinese and foreign merchants by the "face to face" to "see online", not out of the door to place orders, business, this is a traditional trade and exhibition mode of a thorough subversion.

The online Canton fair is a litmus test for China's ability to build new infrastructure. It needs to breakthrough the limitation of physical space and practical conditions, with 5 g network, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, such as industrial iot new digital infrastructure construction as the support, from the traditional offline trade into a 24-hour online recommendation, for docking, online negotiation, contract network, so as to create a mediated by Chinese and foreign goods and service global online trading platform, network collaboration platform.

Digital economy provides infinite possibility and extension space for the whole scene, high precision, wide depth and borderless network trade. A new online Canton fair, may also open the "online trade" of the new state. China, of course, for the first time to hold global large-scale online trade fair, real challenges must be a lot of, such as "new infrastructure," what can you hold up, merchants offline interpersonal adjustment function, and no, turnover compared with the traditional fair can ascend, and so on, but as a new attempt, still worth looking forward to.

The online Canton fair is a litmus test of China's ability and determination to stabilize foreign trade. Data from the ministry of commerce shows that due to the global epidemic, China's import and export volume fluctuated significantly in the first quarter of this year, with a total volume of 6.57 trillion yuan, down 6.4% from the same period last year. However, every major crisis also contains major opportunities. The key is whether we have the vision and the ability to seize them.

It should be noted that China's foreign trade enterprises have great potential and strong competitiveness, and their innovation consciousness and market development ability are also obvious to all: at the moment of epidemic situation, many cross-border e-commerce enterprises are facing difficulties, making full use of online orders, no face-to-face transactions and other advantages, flexible adjustment of thinking, and actively expand business. The online Canton fair held in June provided an opportunity for China to effectively connect with foreign demand and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises in a new form, fully demonstrating the Chinese government's policy thinking of making every effort to stabilize the basic trade circle and its determination to turn crisis into opportunity and tide over difficulties together.

The online Canton fair is a litmus test of China's determination and ability to embrace and integrate into globalization. In the short term, the new epidemic that has swept the world has indeed had a major impact on the world economy and the global industrial chain. Just outside, on the other hand, media hyped "foreign capital out of China" at the same time, some foreign investment layout in China, such as retail giant Costco announced to open the second stores in mainland China in Shanghai, will work with faw Toyota invested in tianjin electric factory, starbucks will invest in kunshan, jiangsu province to build the green coffee roasting factory... All this suggests that capital and markets are immune to populist politics.

The problems of globalization can only be solved through global cooperation. At a time when the global epidemic is still severe, China's announcement that it will hold the Canton fair, an international trade event, as scheduled in the form of the Internet, is a clear message to the world that it will continue to open wider to the outside world, and a clear gesture to work with other countries to tackle global challenges and make China's contribution to global economic recovery and development. This session of Canton fair, worth looking forward to!

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