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How to ensure the quality of bearing measurement

How to ensure the quality of bearing measurement


In the process of social development, metrology is an important basis for economic activities, national defense construction, scientific research and social development. The development of science and technology depends on the development of metrology and testing technology, which provides reliable data for science and technology.In the mechanical products, the rolling bearing as a precise mechanical basis plays an important role.With the development of science and technology, the precision level of rolling bearing products is required to be higher and higher, and the machining precision of bearing parts is constantly improved.In the bearing production process, the dimensional accuracy of bearing parts is carried out by the special standard instruments for dimensional transmission. The accuracy of bearing standard instruments directly affects the accuracy of bearing product identification. The verification and calibration of bearing standard instruments is an important basis to ensure the quality of bearing products.The verification and calibration of bearing standard instruments are carried out by measuring standard instruments and measuring instruments. The accuracy of measuring standard instruments and measuring instruments will be directly reflected on the bearing standard instruments.Therefore, do a good job of verification, calibration, to ensure the quality of measurement work is more important.

Management of instruments and standards of measurement

Strengthening the management of instruments and standard instruments of measurement is the basis of ensuring the quality of measurement work.First of all, the instruments and standards of measurement shall be verified and calibrated in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality manual, so as to ensure the strict and regular operation and accuracy of the instruments and standards of measurement within the period of validity.Secondly, some infrequently used instruments are checked periodically to ensure good performance and normal operation.Strictly prohibit the use of measuring instruments and instruments beyond the verification period.Furthermore, the calibration and calibration of measurement standards should be based on the accuracy of the level of the selection of the required inspection departments, such as the national metrology institute, industry center, provincial metrological verification departments.

In addition, to do a good job of the maintenance of instruments and standards of measurement, which is very important to ensure the quality of metrological verification.The maintenance of instruments and measuring standards shall be carried out regularly, and the maintenance of instruments and measuring standards shall be carried out in accordance with the maintenance procedures in the procedure documents, such as dust removal and rust prevention.Good maintenance can not only maintain the measurement accuracy of the standard instruments and instruments, but also extend their service life.

2. Ensure the quality of original records and certificates for verification and calibration

Measurement work is a scientific and rigorous work, from the verification, calibration of the original records to the issuance of the certificate, each link must not be careless.Authenticity, integrity, accuracy and reliability are the most basic requirements for the original records.

First, qualified original records should be authentic, complete and accurate.

Authenticity is the original floodrecords that faithfully reflect the actual conditions of verification and calibration at that time and place, the data and phenomena in the verification and calibration process, the use of measuring instruments, instruments and equipment, and environmental conditions.To maintain the authenticity requires our metrological staff to work in a scientific attitude, seriously treat every test, calibration process and every measured data, no sloppy and falsified phenomenon is allowed.

Integrity is to make a standard and complete original record form. The test items in the form should be as detailed as possible and have enough information to meet the requirements of issuing verification and calibration certificates.The handwriting of the original record should be legible and legible, and the page should be kept clean and tidy.At the same time, the error correction should be standardized, when there is an error in the record, each error should be marked out, not erased, so as not to blur or disappear, and the correct value should be filled in next to it.All changes to the record shall be made with the signature or abbreviation of the person making the change.

Accuracy is the core of measurement work, without accuracy, verification, calibration work will lose its significance.The establishment of accuracy depends not only on the standard instruments with high accuracy and the normal operating instruments, but also on the different verification methods and the quality of the measuring staff.Different measurement methods and different measuring instruments should be used to verify the questionable verification and calibration data, so as to ensure the accuracy of the verification and calibration data.For a measured part, the measuring method and measuring instrument that can meet the requirements of its measuring accuracy shall be adopted according to the difference of its precision.

The verification and calibration certificate is the "product" produced by the metrological staff, which is the concentrated embodiment of the metrological work quality.The format of the qualified verification and calibration certificate shall be standardized, the content shall be complete, clear, accurate and objective, and shall contain all the information of the verification and calibration results.Such as the name of the standard instrument of measurement used in verification and calibration;Measuring standard certificate no.;Name and model of instrument and equipment;The number and name of the technical document on which it is based;Environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, etc.) at the time of verification and calibration;Verification, verification and signature of the person in charge;Validity of the certificate;The uncertainty of the measurement results and the condition indicating the traceability, etc.

Measurement uncertainty refers to the degree of uncertainty of the measurement result, which indicates the reliability of the measurement result.Due to the limitation of cognition and the deficiency of ability, any measurement cannot be absolutely accurate, and there are bound to be errors.Uncertainty is a new concept based on the error theory, which is used to indicate the quality of the measuring equipment.The lower the uncertainty, the higher the quality of measurement results.Conversely, the lower the quality of the measurement results, the lower the value of its use.Therefore, measurement uncertainty must be considered when making and using the measurement results.Strictly speaking, it is meaningless not to know the measurement results of uncertainty, to be unable to compare with each other, and to have no use value.

Verification and calibration certificates shall provide information that can be traced back to the national standards of measurement and that conform to the measurement specifications.In cases where it is not possible to trace the results to national benchmarks, the laboratory should provide satisfactory evidence of the relevant results, such as participating in an appropriate laboratory to laboratory comparison or capability verification.

The uncertainty of verification and calibration certificate and the indication of traceability are given to meet the measurement benchmark or test requirements of lower level laboratories, so as to meet the "general requirements of testing and calibration laboratory capacity" of IS0 / IE017025 and meet the requirements of IS09001 in quality management and quality assurance.

Ensure that the environmental conditions of the calibration and calibration work meet the requirements

The environmental conditions of verification and calibration must meet the needs of measurement, and the accuracy, reliability and validity of measurement results should not be affected by the indoor and external environment.The metering work shall be equipped with appropriate facilities to monitor and record the environmental conditions, control the factors that may affect the detection accuracy, and carry out appropriate and reasonable verification when necessary.Generally, the ambient temperature is about 20± 0.5 ℃, and the ambient humidity is about 60%.The metering studio must be dust - proof, shock - proof, corrosion - proof, pollution - proof and noise - proof.The environmental conditions that cannot meet the requirements will bring many unfavorable factors to the verification and calibration work, and each of the requirements that cannot meet the requirements will directly affect the accuracy, reliability and effectiveness of the measured values.The environmental conditions that meet the requirements are the most basic conditions for verification and calibration. At the same time, the measurement studio should have good internal management, which should not only be limited to cleanliness and cleanliness, but also include various safety precautions.

4. Improve the technical and professional quality and ideological quality of measurement staff

Improving the technical quality and ideological quality of the metrological staff is the guarantee of doing a good job in verification and calibration.Verification and calibration is a scientific, legal and policy-based work.In the people, machine, material, law, environment personnel is the first, advanced equipment and equipment should have a good quality staff to operate, the formulation of metrological laws and regulations, must rely on the strict implementation of metrological staff, in order to play a role.This requires the personnel engaged in measurement work not only to have good technical quality, professional quality, but also must have a higher ideological quality.

Above all, the metrological personnel that new mount guard should the regulation of procedural document, pass strict training, examine hind, just can hold card mount guard.The examination results should be recorded.Secondly, adequate metrological staff should be provided, commensurate with the scope of work and the workload, who must have the necessary education and training, technical knowledge and professional experience.Also regularly to various measuring staff technical business laws, regulations and rules, standards, metrology and other aspects of training and learning, and constantly update knowledge, improve the level of technical business at the same time improve their ideological quality, to adapt to and meet the metrological verification, calibration and measurement management in the new century.

In a word, the verification and calibration of bearing measurement standard is a delicate and complicated work, which involves many factors and involves a wide range of fields.Only by earnestly completing the work in the above aspects and ensuring the quality of measurement work, can the quality of bearing standard instrument verification and calibration be effectively guaranteed and the technical level of bearing production be promoted.

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