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Motor Bearings News

Motor Bearings News


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Motor bearing of smooth metal ball or roller and lubrication of the inner ring and outer ring metal surface to reduce friction.The ball or roller "carrying" load, supporting the motor shaft, the motor (rotor) can rotate smoothly.
Bearing type editor
Most small and medium-sized motor adopts rolling bearing.The number of large and medium-sized motor also USES rolling bearing.Both ends of small motor bearings

The ball bearing, deep groove ball bearing).Medium-sized motor adopts roller bearing at the load end () is commonly used in high load conditions, the load side with ball bearing (but also have the opposite situation, such as 1050 kw motor).Rolling bearings with grease lubrication, but also useful lubricating oil.

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Y2 series motor bearing models
The shaft extension end: 2 e - 6201 - C3, 2 e - 6202 - C3, 2 e - 6204 - C3, 2 e - 6205 - C3, 2 e - 6206 - C3, 2 e - 6308 - C3, 6311 - C3, 6312 - C3, 6313 - C3, 6314 - C3, 6317 - C3, 6319 - C3, NU319, NU322
Fan end: 6201-2 - C3 e, 2 e - 6202 - C3, 2 e - 6204 - C3, 2 e - 6205 - C3, 2 e - 6206 - C3, 2 e - 6308 - C3, 2 e - 6309 - C3, 6311 - C3, 6312 - C3, 6313 - C3, 6314 - C3, 6317 - C3, 6319 - C3, 6322 - C3
YSJ series compressor bearing motor models
The shaft extension end: 2 e - 6204 - C3, 2 e - 6205 - C3, 2 e - 6206 - C3, 2 e - 6308 - C3, 2 e - 6309 - C3, 6311 - C3, 6312 - C3, 6313 - C3, 6314 - C3, 6317 - C3, 6319, 6319 - C3, 6322

Fan end: 6204-2 - C3 e, 2 e - 6205 - C3, 2 e - 6206 - C3, 2 e - 6308 - C3, 2 e - 6309 - C3, 6311 - C3, 6312 - C3, 6313 - C3, 6314 - C3, 6317 - C3, 6319 - C3, 6322 - C3

The stand or fall of motor bearing installed or not, will directly affect the accuracy, bearing life and performance.Therefore, please fully study the installation of the bearings that carried out in accordance with the operating standards including the following items, please bearing installation.
, clean the bearings and related parts, (to have grease lubrication bearing and oil seal or on both sides of the dust cover, seal bearing without cleaning before installation.)
Low, check the size of the related parts and finish machining
Low, installation method
Bearing should be installed according to the bearing structure, size and cooperate with properties of bearing parts, pressure should be directly in the tight fit on the ring width, shall not be passed on roller pressure, bearing installation commonly adopt the following methods:
A. force fit
Bearing inner ring and shaft tight fit, outer ring and bearing hole is a loose fit, press the bearing to be pressed on the shaft are available, and then put the shaft together with the bearing load bearing hole, when pressed on the bearing inner ring end face, cushion the assembling casing made of a soft metal material (copper or mild steel).
Bearing outer ring and bearing hole tight fit, inner ring and the shaft is a loose fit, the bearing can be pressed into the bearing hole first, then assembling casing diameter should be slightly less than the diameter of a hole.
If the bearing ring and shaft and hole is a tight fit, install indoor ring and outer ring to pressure into the shaft and hole, at the same time assembling casing structure should be able to at the same time, so the bearing inner ring and outer ring end face.
B. heating to cooperate
By heating bearing or bearing seat, by using thermal expansion will fit into a loose fit installation method.Installation method is a kind of common and energy saving.This method is suitable for interference quantity larger the installation of the bearings, the bearing before hot charging type or separable bearing ring into the fuel tank even heat 80-100 ℃, and then loaded on the shaft, as soon as possible out of the oil to prevent inner ring after cooling end face and the shoulder joint is not tight, bearing axial fastening again after cooling.Bearing outer ring and light metal bearing seat tight fit, by heating the hot charging method of the bearing, can avoid the mating surface scratch.

Heating tank with bearing and should be at a certain distance from the bottom of a mesh, or hanging hooks in the bearings, bearing on the bottom, in case of heavy impurities into the bearing or uneven heating, fuel tank must have a thermometer, strictly control the oil temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃, in order to prevent the tempering effect, reduce the hardness of the ring.

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