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The fixation of parts on the shaft

The fixation of parts on the shaft


The way the parts are fixed or connected on the shaft varies with the role of the parts.The structure of the shaft is different depending on the method of fixation.In general, in order to ensure that the parts in the shaft of the working position fixed, should be fixed in the circumference and axial direction of the parts.

Axial positioning and fixation of shaft parts

The part should be positioned and fixed reliably along the axis so that it has a definite installation position and can withstand axial force without axial displacement.The commonly used methods of axial fixation include shaft shoulder, shaft ring location, nut location, sleeve location and shaft end retaining ring location.The axial positioning and fixing method of the parts on the shaft mainly depend on the size of the axial force.When the axial force of the parts is large, the shaft shoulder, shaft ring and interference fit are often used.When subjected to medium axial forces, sleeve, round nut, shaft end retaining ring, taper surface and taper pin can be used.When the axial force is large, the spring retaining ring, retaining ring and tightening screw can be used.When choosing, still should consider the manufacturing of shaft and the difficulty that the part installs disassemble, the size that occupies a position, the influence to shaft strength to wait for a factor.

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