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The role of forklift door frame roller and bearing

The role of forklift door frame roller and bearing


First, the role of forklift door frame roller is fork frame or between the door frame and the door frame plays the role of guide and force transfer forklift accessories, divided into side roller (longitudinal roller and transverse roller) and compound roller two, respectively installed in the forklift outside the door frame, internal door frame and fork frame.The compound roller bears the load in the front and back directions, and the side roller bears the side load, so that the inner pallet truck door frame and fork frame can move freely.Longitudinal roller load is large, the outer diameter is also large, is usually made of special rolling bearings, bearing outer ring is the roller.Lateral roller load is small, mostly limited by the structure, small diameter, often made of sliding bearings or needle roller bearings.Compound roller is essentially the transverse roller arranged in the longitudinal roller spindle, using it can increase the center distance of the transverse roller, and with the same roller to bear the longitudinal, horizontal two direction guide form.

When the diameter of the pallet truck door frame roller is worn more than 1mm, it should be replaced with new parts in time. After the pallet truck door frame roller is installed, the operation should be smooth without any blockage. The gap between the lateral roller and the guide surface of the pallet door should not be less than 0.3mm.

Two, forklift door frame bearing.Forklift gantry bearing is installed in the gantry system of forklift truck. The inner ring is fixed and the outer ring is rotating at low speed.For the installation of forklift door frame bearings, refer to the following.Whether the method is correct in the installation process of forklift door frame bearing directly affects the accuracy, life and performance.Therefore, the installation personnel are required to have a certain degree of technical, fully study the installation of forklift door frame bearings, and install in strict accordance with the operating standards. The standard items are usually as follows:

1. Clean bearings and bearing related components

2. Check the size and finishing of related parts

3, installation,

4. Check the bearing after installation

5. Supply lubricant

6, it is best to open the forklift door frame bearing packaging before installation.General grease lubrication, do not clean, directly filled with grease.Because as long as the pallet truck door frame bearing packaging is not damaged, the quality of the pallet truck door frame bearing will be guaranteed.However, for long-term storage, it is advisable to store it on a shelf 30cm above the ground under the conditions of humidity lower than 65% and temperature about 20℃.In addition, the storage area should be out of direct sunlight or contact with cold walls.

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