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Self-aligning roller bearing, prolong the service cycle, heating cause, heating method, operation test skills

Self-aligning roller bearing, prolong the service cycle, heating cause, heating method, operation test skills


Whether the installation of self-aligning roller bearings is correct affects the accuracy, life and performance.Therefore, Nuobo Xuan Bearing Co., Ltd. requires the design and assembly department to fully study the installation of self-aligning roller bearings.At the same time, the installation should be carried out in accordance with the standard operation requirements, so as to effectively extend the service life of self-aligning roller bearings. The specific requirements are as follows:

(1) Clean the self-aligning roller bearing and the self-aligning roller bearing related parts;

(2) Check the size and finishing of related parts;

(3) installation;

(4) Check after installing self-aligning roller bearings;

(5) Supply lubricant.

1, alignment, alignment

After the self-aligning roller bearing is installed, aligning may cause the self-aligning roller bearing to suffer additional loads, friction and vibration if it is not carefully aligning.These may accelerate fatigue and reduce the service life of self-alenting roller bearings, and may damage the service life of other machine parts.In addition, increased vibration and friction can greatly increase energy consumption and the risk of premature failure.

2. Basic condition monitoring

During use, the basic external conditions for the operation of self-aligning roller bearings should be monitored frequently, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurement, and so on.These regular inspections will identify potential problems early and will prevent unexpected machine stoppages, allowing production plans to be achieved and increasing plant productivity and efficiency.

3. Lubricate again

In the process of operation, the self-aligning roller bearing requires correct re-lubrication to perfect its performance.The method of self-aligning roller bearing lubrication is divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication.In order to make the self-aligning roller bearing function well, first of all, it is necessary to choose the lubrication method suitable for the use conditions and purposes.If only lubrication is considered, the lubricity of oil lubrication prevails.But fat can simplify the special features of the structure around self-aligning roller bearings.

Lubrication has

4, unload

When the self-aligning roller bearing will reach its final life, it should be replaced.Although the self-aligning roller bearing can no longer be used, the original self-aligning roller bearing is properly removed and the new self-aligning roller bearing is replaced in time, which can play a good role in promoting the extension of the service life of the new self-aligning roller bearing.The proper removal of self-aligning roller bearings and the use of tools will be helpful to the maintenance and repair of other machine self-aligning roller bearings.

What are the heating methods of self-aligning roller bearings?

The self-aligning roller bearing preload is carried out at room temperature, but in the working state, the system micro tensile temperature rise generated by the drive shaft, bearing preload will change, therefore, the setting of preload, should take into account this factor.

It requires the capacity for size, speed, and other conditions to set the reasonable use of self-alenting roller bearings with preload to ensure transmission life.If the preload is too large, power consumption, and even lead to overheating.If the preload force is too small, the body load, the shaft rolling, the gap between the outer ring under the action of the jump, run, transmission accuracy, to reduce the noise increase, affect the gear meshing, serious damage when the teeth and bearings.

According to different self-aligning roller bearing assembly, such as: directly by axial compression inner bearing inner ring bearing preload nut rotation, inner and outer ring to eliminate the gap, to achieve the purpose of bearing preload.Achieve common use: first, far more than the preloaded bearing, the last nut, then back 1/4 turn.Second,, the advantage of this assembly method is less investment, simple and practical. Nuobo Xuan bearing thinks that as long as the premise of ensuring good quality roller bearings, you can use the following ways to heat.

1. Heating method of electric heating plate, the bearing can be placed on the electric heating plate with the temperature of 100℃ for a few minutes. This method is the most convenient, such as turning over several times can make the bearing heated evenly, and the efficiency is also high.

2, electric furnace heating method, the bearing is placed in the closed automatic temperature control electric furnace heating, heating evenly, accurate temperature control, heating fast, suitable for a batch of heating many bearings.

3. Induction heating method, the use of induction heater can quickly, reliably and cleanly heat the self-alenting roller bearing to the required temperature, which is especially suitable for the occasion of tight inner ring, because the inner ring is heated only, and the outer ring is heated very little, so it can be easily installed on the shaft, but also easy to load into the seat hole.

4, electric bulb heating method, the use of 50W electric bulb heating self-aligning roller bearing, can ensure that the heating temperature is about 100℃, the smaller bearing can be directly placed on the bulb, the larger bearing can be placed in the bulb cone cover, cone cover can prevent the bulb heat loss, and the heating uniform cone cover can be adjusted up and down,In a certain range can adapt to heating bearings of different sizes, if the use of far infrared bulbs, pay attention to the direction of the bulb should be downward, so as not to harm people's eyes infrared rays this kind of bulb can be energy-saving bulb heating method is suitable for a small number of not often needed;To the occasion of bearing heating, usually the bulb can also be used for lighting, in addition to the need for any other equipment.

5, oil tank heating method, which is a widely used traditional heating method, the bottom of the tank from 50 to 70 mm in a metal mesh, and bearing in the Internet, large bearing to hoist hooks in the bearing should not be placed directly on the bottom of the channel, in case of contact with the bottom of the channel bearing parts of the local heat is too high, or the bottom of the channel to precipitate the dirt into the attention points of the bearing oil tank heating as follows,Mineral oil with good corrosion thermal stability should be used, preferably transformer oil. Oil and container should be kept clean. The capacity of the oil tank should be determined by the size and oil amount of the roller bearing being heated and self-alsetting.

Increase knowledge!Running test skills after bearing installation

After the installation of self-aligning roller bearings, in order to check whether the installation is correct, it is necessary to carry out operation inspection. Whether the installation of self-aligning roller bearings is correct has a great relationship with the operation accuracy of late machinery and the service life of self-aligning roller bearings.So it is necessary to carry out operation detection after the installation of self-aligning roller bearings, so what are the skills for different machinery in the detection?

One, small machinery

Small machines can be rotated by hand to confirm whether the rotation is smooth.Check items due to foreign body, scar, indentation caused by poor operation, due to poor installation, installation seat processing and uneven rotation torque, by the gap is too small, installation error seal friction caused by large torque and so on.If there is no abnormality, power operation can be started.

Two, large machinery

Because large machinery can not be manually rotated, so no load after starting immediately turn off the power, inertia operation, check whether there is vibration, sound, rotating parts contact, etc., confirm no abnormal after entering the power operation.

Power operation, starting at low speed without load, is gradually increased to rated operation under specified conditions.During the test run, check whether there is abnormal sound, temperature transfer of self-aligning roller bearing, leakage and discoloration of lubricant and so on.If any abnormality is found in the test run, the operation should be stopped immediately and the machinery should be checked. If necessary, the self-aligning roller bearing should be removed for inspection.

Temperature inspection of self-aligning roller bearings is generally inferred from the outer shell.However, it is more accurate to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the self-aligning roller bearing by using the oil hole.The temperature of self-aligning roller bearing starts to rise gradually. If there is no abnormality, it will be stable after 1~2 hours.If the self-aligning roller bearing or installation is poor, the temperature of the self-aligning roller bearing will rise sharply and abnormal high temperature will occur.Reasons such as too much lubricant, self-aligning roller bearing clearance is too small, bad installation, sealing device friction is too large.In the case of high-speed rotation, the choice of lubrication method of self-aligning roller bearings is also the reason.

The above is nobo Xuan self-aligning roller bearing for self-aligning roller bearing operation check skills to share, self-aligning roller bearing is a very important part in modern machinery, for the normal operation of the machinery has a very dozen of influence, out of the installation of the inspection in the daily process of inspection is also very important.

Bearing should be selected and used in this way to "suit the case"

In fact, when it comes to self-aligning roller bearings, we may have a strange and familiar feeling, because we all know what self-aligning roller bearings do, but few people have seen the "true face" of self-aligning roller bearings.But there are many places in our life where we need to use self-aligning roller bearings, such as wheels. From high-end toy cars to bicycles, motorcycles and cars, self-aligning roller bearings can be used.Electric fan, exhaust fan, lampblack machine, air conditioning inside also have.There are many examples, so if in these household appliances, there are problems with self-aligning roller bearings, how should we choose the suitable self-aligning roller bearings?Today, Nuobo Xuan xiaobian will introduce you to the right way to choose roller bearings

First, the choice of cooperation

The inner diameter and outer diameter of the self-aligning roller bearing are manufactured according to the standard tolerance. The tightness of the inner ring and shaft, outer ring and seat hole of the self-aligning roller bearing can only be achieved by controlling the tolerance of the journal and the tolerance of the seat hole.The inner ring and shaft of self-aligning roller bearing are matched with base hole system, and the outer ring and seat hole of self-aligning roller bearing are matched with base shaft system.

The correct choice of fit, we must know the actual load conditions, working temperature and other requirements of self-aligning roller bearings, but in fact it is very difficult.Therefore, most cases are based on usage.


Two, load size

The amount of overwin between the ring and the shaft or the shell depends on the size of the load, the heavier load adopts the larger overwin, the lighter load adopts the smaller overwin.

What are the real causes of bearing heating?

In industrial production, the use of all kinds of mechanical equipment is indispensable, so, in general, the machine is in use process, if it is found that the spherical roller bearing temperature is too high, hot case, are generally machine malfunctioned, if not timely discovery, and make the correct processing, may be the cause of the effect of the wasted effort, more serious,It may also cause the shortening of the service life of the self-aligning roller bearing, increase the maintenance cost, and even the scrapping of the self-aligning roller bearing, which are all possible things.

Therefore, timely and accurate find the real cause of machine failure, and take appropriate measures to deal with the problem, is essential in the operation and maintenance of equipment work, today, xiaobian will first give you an analysis of the most frequently encountered in the use of the cause of self-allot roller bearing heating problem.

1. Poor lubrication has an important influence on the service life and friction, wear and vibration of self-aligning roller bearings. Good lubrication is the necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of self-aligning roller bearings.According to statistics, about 40% of the damage of self-aligning roller bearings are related to poor lubrication.

However, the factors that usually cause poor lubrication of self-aligning roller bearings are:

1) Insufficient lubricating oil

2) Lubricating oil pipe is blocked by foreign matter, etc

3) There are problems with the quality of lubricating oil

4) Lubricating oil is not added on time

5) The lubricating oil contains impurities

2, self-aligning roller bearing wear

Self-aligning roller bearings, as important parts used in all kinds of big machines, and some mechanical (such as crusher) work environment dust more, as part of the fine dust into the high speed of spherical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing caused by lubricating oil or grease inside the bad, bad lubrication, which in turn makes the spherical roller bearing wear.The self-aligning roller bearing continues to operate in the wear state, and the temperature of the self-aligning roller bearing increases due to the increase of friction and heat

3. Improper installation

Improper installation is another important reason for heating of self-aligning roller bearings.Because the installation of the self-aligning roller bearing is correct or not, it has a direct impact on its life and accuracy of the host, so the installation requires that the center line of the shaft and the hole of the self-aligning roller bearing must coincide.If the self-aligning roller bearing is not properly installed, the accuracy is low, the self-aligning roller bearing has deflection, and the torque will be generated when it rotates, causing the self-aligning roller bearing to heat up or wear.In addition, self-aligning roller bearings will also produce vibration, noise increase, will also increase the temperature rise.

4. Improper selection of self-aligning roller bearing

When selecting self-aligning roller bearings, attention should be paid to the limit speed and load capacity of the self-aligning roller bearings. It can not be used at excessive speed and overload, which will only shorten the service life of self-aligning roller bearings. The gain outweighs the loss.

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