How much do you know about needle bearing knowledge?

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Needle roller bearing ( needlebearing) Is the roller bearings with cylindrical roller, relative to its diameter, roller is thin and long. This is called needle roller. Although has a small cross-section, still has high load bearing capacities and needle bearing with fine and long roller ( Roller diameter D 5 mm or less, the L/D 2 or more. 5, L for roller length) And radial structure is compact, its diameter size and load capacity at the same time, with other types of bearing outside diameter to a minimum, especially suitable for radial scale restricted supporting results. While we said the speed of the needle bearing can accept how much? For bearing life, are worth thinking about work. For needle roller bearing products, accept the method also has a variety of, for needle roller bearing in the bearings and needle roller and cage assembly, stamping outer ring needle roller bearing, entity needle roller bearing, etc. In terms of other aspects of the bearing rotating speed requirements accept there will be a part of the bear.
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