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Solutions to the abnormal phenomenon of deep groove ball bearing damage

Solutions to the abnormal phenomenon of deep groove ball bearing damage


Generally, if deep groove ball bearings are used correctly, they can be used until they reach their fatigue life. But there will be accidental premature damage and can't withstand use. This early damage, as opposed to fatigue life, is referred to as the quality use limit for failures or accidents. It is mostly caused by careless installation, use, and lubrication, foreign objects invaded from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal effects of shafts and housings.

The impact sound of rolling elements and their control methods. When larger ball bearings or outer spherical bearings are running at low speed under pure radial load because the centrifugal force of the rolling elements is small, the rolling elements in the non-load area will impact the cage or The raceway makes noise. But as the speed increases, this sound will disappear. The raceway sound of a bearing and its control method The raceway sound is a slippery and continuous sound emitted by the rolling elements rolling on the raceway surface when the bearing is running. It is a unique basic sound that occurs in all outer spherical bearings. The general deep groove ball bearing sound is the raceway sound plus other sounds. The raceway sound of a ball bearing is irregular, the frequency is above 1000hz, its main frequency does not change with the speed, but its sound pressure level increases with the speed of the speed.

Regarding the damage state of the bearing, such as the jam of the ring rib of the roller bearing, as the cause can be considered, insufficient lubricant, unsuitability, defects in the oil supply and drainage structure, foreign matter intrusion, skf bearing installation error, shaft deflection If the song is too big, these reasons will overlap.

Therefore, it is difficult to know the true cause of the damage only by investigating the bearing damage. However, if you know the machinery of the bearing, the conditions of use, the structure around the bearing, and the situation before and after the accident, combined with the damage state of the bearing and several reasons, you can prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Under normal circumstances, the condition of the rolling surface and mating surface of the bearing and the wear state of the cage is not damaged and abnormal, especially the running track of the raceway surface should be observed. To judge whether the bearing can be used again, consider the degree of bearing damage, find out the cause according to the phenomenon of deep groove ball bearing damage, and formulate countermeasures. In addition, the inspection results show that if there are the following defects, the bearing can no longer be used, and a new bearing needs to be replaced. Finally, the conclusion given by our engineers is to replace the bearings with new ones. There is no good way.

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