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Analysis and treatment of high temperature of condensate pump thrust bearing

Analysis and treatment of high temperature of condensate pump thrust bearing


Recently, the sound of the fan in the case has become louder because the bearing bore of the graphics card fan has been worn out due to lack of oil in the bearing -- the gap between the shaft of the fan and the bearing is too large, and the axial movement gap of the fan is too large, so the fan blade can move back and forth by several millimeters.The fan moves axially after rotation, and the rotating plane of the fan blade is also shaking, not only increasing wear and tear, but also producing a great deal of noise.Most fan failures are due to this.Although a new fan is the easiest to replace, it is not in the spirit of DIY, and it may not be immediately possible to find a replacement model. 

Of course, a broken fan is not unrepairable. Let me introduce a repair method.The material is simple, just a small piece of aluminum tin and a bit of butter (the butter should be clean and free of impurities).

1.First, clean the dust on the fan to avoid dust entering the bearing during installation;

2.Tear off the adhesive of the bearing seal and take off the pin on the shaft.

3.Clean the residual oil in the bearing with clean tissue paper or soft cloth, and then clean the shaft;

4.Add a little butter in the bearing, the principle is better less than more so as not to seriously affect the speed;

5.Then cut out the aluminum skin of the can and cut a round piece according to the outer diameter of the bearing pin. Dig a hole in the middle just enough to pass through the shaft rod and pad it between the bearing and the pin to reduce the distance of bearing axial movement and horizontal movement.If the gap is larger, it is necessary to pad a few thickening line, so that the forward and backward movement of the bearing distance in 0.The following 5 mm;

6.Seal the oil and add a bit of butter. Finally, put the fan back on the video card.

Try plugging it in and you'll find it's much quieter, and it'll last at least two years.However, it should be noted that although the sound is lower, the speed will be slightly reduced due to the limited manual accuracy.

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