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Carding machine to cotton roller bearing modification

Carding machine to cotton roller bearing modification


In the normal flat wiping car, we often encounter the carding machine to cotton roller bearing and inner sleeve locked or wear serious phenomenon.The replacement rate of inner sleeve and bearing (94.35) of the feed roller is very high. On average, one or two cycles should be replaced.It was observed that when the bearing was locked, the cage would be deformed due to extrusion, the needle roller would be broken or badly worn under the action of strong machinery, and there would be a lug at the end of the inner sleeve with groove on the surface of the needle roller.The damage to the cotton roller bearing and inner sleeve not only increases the labor intensity but also increases the consumption of machine materials.

The analysis shows that the boss caused by the wear of the inner sleeve is the real cause of the lock damage of the roller bearing.In the operation of the machine, wear is inevitable. When the inner sleeve produces a boss, it will seriously squeeze the bearing retainer and damage it. Once the retainer is damaged, the needle roller will rotate in disorder and be easily damaged.It was also found in the flat wiping truck that the inner casing lug caused obstacles to bearing disassembly and brought difficulties to refueling.

In view of the above situation, through repeated tests, it is found that changing the bearing assembly position can solve these problems.The specific methods are as follows :(1) first remove the end cover for the cotton roller bearing seat and turn the front protrudent part of the end cover. The length is about 5mm depending on the situation.(2) After fixing the end cover on the assembly bearing, knock the bearing back again to make it close to the end cover.In this case, the bearing is flush with the back end of the inner sleeve, and the needle roller is parallel to the surface of the inner sleeve. It will be difficult to damage the bearing due to needle roller wear.

In the production practice, we also found that this reform can not only reduce the damage to the bearing, but also increase the lubrication of the bearing.After the bearing position is moved, a ring groove is formed with the front end face. The excess oil will flow out when the bearing is refueled. At this time, the groove happens to be an oil storage groove, and the needle roller will be continuously lubricated during the bearing rotation, thus reducing wear.

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