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Strong winds and bad elements. Storm with remote locations. Such a variety of problems will affect the performance and reliability of the fan. When the fan is shut down due to maintenance problems or equipment failure, the high maintenance labor cost and the use of the crane will cause the cost per KWH to rise sharply. The long wait time for parts to arrive adds to the cost.

The design and computer simulation helped us create very safe hub bearings by optimizing the bearing calculation method (Bearinx) and finite element analysis (ABAQUS, Nastran, Marc) to achieve virtual validation of our products. In addition, the performance of the most important product features, such as durability, component strength, hardness, friction, installation, mismeasurement of brinell hardness, etc., are ensured by extensive test stands in each engineering center.

In the iron and steel industry, bearings in bad working conditions, in addition to bearing fine iron powder, water, and high temperature, but also to bear high load, impact load, strong vibration and periodic rapid acceleration and deceleration, it is generally required to long bearing life and high reliability.

Mining machinery, construction machinery active place, most of the mountains and desert areas away from the ordinary life of human mining sites, sometimes even work in the ground of 2,000 meters. There is a wide range of such machines, from mineral crushing machines to cutting machines, screening machines, loading machines, conveying machines, etc., which operate continuously 24 hours a day. Failure of any of these machines can have a major impact on production at the mining site and, due to the recent upsizing of the machines, make maintenance operations very difficult.

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