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Talk about the use of stainless steel bearings will encounter some problems - what are the common types of bearings?

Talk about the use of stainless steel bearings will encounter some problems - what are the common types of bearings?


Self-aligning roller bearing is also a kind of stainless steel bearing, which is widely used in numerical control machining.In the process of using self-aligning roller bearings, it will be found that bearing heating, shaft heating and other problems, so how should we deal with these problems when we encounter them?The following small series for you to introduce some processing methods.

If the smooth oil has impurities, the bearing should be cleaned, the new oil should be changed, and the filter should be cleaned;If the assembly is not good, the journal and stainless steel bearing tilt, partial load, can add gaskets at the bottom of the bearing seat;If the bearing clearance is too small, the closed cooling tower manufacturer should readjust the clearance.Axis fever.If the oil or rubber seal ring on the shaft is too tight, the position of the back cover of the filler should be adjusted;If the shaft and stainless steel bearing cover radial friction, should check and adjust the shaft and bearing cover radial clearance, generally 0.25-0.3mm.

Less oil on the main friction surface.If the oil pipeline infarction, shallow oil groove, should be cleaned pipeline, deepen the oil groove;If the oil temperature is low and the activity is poor, smooth oil should be changed according to the environmental temperature;If the oil ring rotates slowly and the oil splash is not good, check whether the oil ring can be scattered and scraped. If the oil surface is too high, the oil can be put to the standard height.If adjust gasket block smooth oil, should check adjust gasket position.

The spill.If the amount of oil is much, the amount of oil supply should be adjusted and the oil level should be standardized.If the sealing installation fails, the gland should be tightened, the felt ring thickened or the sealing data changed;If the bearing seat has holes and oil seepage, the bearing seat should be changed or blocked with lead filling method.If the bearing clearance is too large, gaskets should be removed and adjusted;If the rotating body (gear, belt wheel, etc.) dynamic balance is not good, should check and adjust the dynamic balance;If the bearing is unstable, the bearing seat bolts should be tightened;If the offset of the coupling device is large, gaskets should be added in the air of the bearing seat to adjust the precision of the coupling device.

To sum up, the self-aligning roller bearing heats up. If the smooth oil of the bearing is lacking, it should be refueled, and the oil circuit should be checked whether it is smooth.About stainless steel bearings in the process of using some problems will be introduced here, xiaobian also give you list some processing methods, I hope to help you more.

What are the common types of bearings?

Self-aligning roller bearings are parts that can appear on many machines, mainly to drive better operation of machine equipment.Many bearing manufacturers in order to meet the needs of consumers, produce a variety of bearings, to help you improve work efficiency, let nuobo xuan bearing manufacturers to introduce several common bearings.

What kinds of common bearings do bearing manufacturers talk about?

Two single-row angular contact ball bearings, which are constructed in reverse, share inner and outer rings and can accept radial and biaxial loads.Main uses of angular contact ball bearings: single row: machine tool spindles, high frequency motors, steam turbines, centrifugal separators, small car front wheels, differential pinion shafts.Double row: oil pump, Roots blower, air compressor, all kinds of transmission, fuel emission pump, printing machinery.

Self-aligning ball bearing, double row ball bearings, outer ring raceway is within the sphere model, which can automatically adjust because of the shaft or shell buckling or different heart provoked axis is not straight, cone bearing after using fasteners can be local device on the shaft, accept the radial load self-aligning ball bearing main use: woodworking machinery, textile machinery transmission shaft, vertical arrange ushering self-aligning bearing.

Spherical roller bearings in these bearings are of spherical raceway outer ring and double groove between the inner ring is equipped with spherical roller, according to the different internal structure, divided into R, RH, RHA and SR four type, because of outer ring raceway arc center and bearing center, differences with self-aligning performance, which can automatically adjust because of the shaft or shell buckling or different heart provoked axis is not straight,Radial load and bidirectional axial load are acceptable.

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