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Adjustable roller bearings of different design

Adjustable roller bearings of different design


The traditional design features an asymmetric roller and a two-piece copper cage.It can be replaced by the following various designs.

C second generation design, it is characterized by the use of steel plate stamping cage, reinforced symmetric roller, after optimization design, has much higher than the traditional products rated load, wide range of applications, long service life.

CA second generation design another structure, which features precision machined brass cage, reinforced symmetrical roller, rated load is the same as the C design, can be used with the C design, especially large size.

MB traditional structure of the improved design, with two pieces of precision machining brass cage, the inner ring has a fixed middle retaining edge, and the use of reinforced symmetrical roller, the bearing load capacity to reach the c-type design level, in the alternative to the traditional products can have a longer life.

EM adopts advanced torrington technology to design the latest third generation products, the design parameters are optimized comprehensively, the contact area has a more reasonable stress distribution, and the use of excellent raw materials and precision processing technology, so it has a higher bearing capacity and a longer service life, reaching the world's advanced level.

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