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The right choice and storage bearing on the importance of the process - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
In the process of industrial production bearing can be seen everywhere. Bearing is the fitting process, bearing the machine weight and production load, good industrial bearings can keep production process running. They are behind the scenes hero, until finally the years of wear overwhelm it, people will see their pay, give attention to them, and had to appoint professionals in downtime for maintenance. Good operation of bearing, the most fundamental is the right choice of bearing, and properly keep bearing, guarantee the quality of bearing from fountainhead, let it play its best in craft process performance. Right choice bearing in accordance with the parameters prescribed by the equipment manufacturer in the document to select the correct bearing, this is perhaps the most basic bearing operation information. Bearings must be able to impose on it under the load. In addition, select the appropriate bearing size is important, or face premature bearing wear and bearing the risk of failure, of course, should also be listening to the advice of equipment and manufacturers. When need to replace the bearing, should choose equipment initially use models, unless the device failure need to be redesigned. The choice of the bearing of the industrial operation environment, temperature and corrosion, etc. , make its can satisfy the need of running one of the biggest, especially at high speed and high temperature area, the appropriate bearing more can guarantee the stable operation of the equipment. Properly stored bearing now, most of the factories to minimize inventory spare parts. Through the predictive and preventative maintenance, factory could help identify potential failure, in order to stop the order before repair, and replace the bearings. Only when needed order required parts, equipment, spare parts and bearings need not have been on the shelves. But sometimes bearing and bearing equipment must be kept in factory workshop, in these cases, although bearing placed on shelves, but because of the influence of the site environment, other equipment running around them, bearing will still be affected by vibration or corrosion. In other words, should check from time to time and rotary bearings. Will rotate without bearing, bearing ring due to the vibration cause the surface indentation, this will lead to premature failure. Or because of the corrosion of the gas in the air, lead to bearing rust, unsmooth, may also affect the performance of the bearing. The right choice and depositing bearing is the first step in its running, the installation of late, to neutralize lubrication may also affect its performance, but we need to start from the source, guarantee the quality of its original performance, can better for subsequent operations.
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