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Classification of bearing steel, bearing steel characteristics

Classification of bearing steel, bearing steel characteristics


Requirements for chemical composition;

 DuiFeiJinShuGaZaWuDeYaoQiu

 GaoJuJunYunDeYingDu   GaoDeNaiMoXing

 GaoDeJieChuPiLaoQiangDu BaoZhengZhouChengDeZhengChangShiYongShouMing

 GaoDeDanXingJiXianHeYiDingDeChongJiRenXing   ChengShouGaoDeFuHeErBuBian   ChengShouYiDingDeChongJiFuHe

 LiangHaoDeCheCunWenDingXing   YiBaoZhengJingDu     JianQingZhenDongHeZaoSheng       JingMiZhouCheng

 YiDingDeNaiShiXing   

 LiangHaoDeGongYiXingNeng       YiManZuDaGuiMoShengChanDeXuYao   

Bearing steel 400/ type

 GaoTanGeZhouChengGang

 ShenTanZhouChengGang

 BuXiuZhouChengGang

 GaoWenZhouChengGangHeZhongTanZhouChengGang

The most widely used and longest used is high carbon chromium bearing steel. 

Characteristics of high carbon bearing steel

 Gao Tan

 JiaGe

 join Mo、Mn、Si、V DengGeJin

 YanGeKongZhiZaZhiYuanSu   P、S、Ni、Cu in particular

The most damaging are oxide inclusions, followed by silicates.The maximum particle size and number of oxide inclusions are the fundamental reasons for the fatigue life of bearing steel -- the key to the smelting and casting of bearing steel is to control the oxygen content in the steel to the limit value, improve the purity and uniformity of the structure, that is, to reduce the oxygen and non-metallic inclusions in the steel, and control the shape and distribution of inclusions.Core - high purity steel production.

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