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How to prevent cross joint oxidation

How to prevent cross joint oxidation


Cross universal joint in the process of application, cross universal joint oxidation is a kind of cross universal joint damage, but the degree of oxidation is not the same.The degree of damage to the cardan is different.Sometimes, if the degree of oxidation of the cross universal joint is too large, it is possible to directly end the service life of the cross universal joint.Now let me tell you how to prevent oxidation of the cross joint. Right?

Cross universal joint in addition to the coating for protecting heating, the measures to prevent cross gimbal parts oxidation and decarburization and buried parts into the quartz sand, adopts the cast iron sealing or adding charcoal, such as stainless steel or other jar airtight heating, such as conditional use seal pot into vacuum after passing into the protective gas inward can realize the parts without oxidation decarburization.

Although boxed heating can protect and reduce the oxidation and decarbonization of parts, it has a long heating time, cumbersome operation, and has a role in the decarbonization or decarbonization of parts.At present, there are many kinds of solid protectants for oxidation and decarbonization, which should be considered according to the composition of materials, the processing state after heat treatment and the required technical indexes.

Cross universal joint packing heating is mainly used for tempering hot forging die, high carbon steel and high speed tool steel rough annealing, etc., the valve hot forging die tempering using charcoal in the middle, the top with loess compression method, forging die cavity surface is good, to avoid oxidation or decarbonization in the process of tempering for a long time.

Cross universal joint in the use of the process, oxidation is the most likely to occur a kind of damage, so we must pay attention to this problem.

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